Thursday, 10 July 2014

Whats on the needles? Whats off the hook?

Last week I made a promise to myself that I would NOT join in any more swaps, do any more test knits or join in any more KAL/CAL's as we are counting down the days to our yearly holiday and I want to plan something fun to take (LOL Last year I took a whole crate of yarn along). With this NOTness on my mind I decided that this month's knitting would be all about me. Because really I can't just NOT knit can I? Yes I shall make myself something. I had 3 balls of Bendigo Woollen Mills Stellar in Agate which I was dying to try and with much searching and deliberation over patterns I decided to go with Autumn Leaves by Janine Le Cras.

So far so good. Its all a bit boring really. A lot of plain old stocking stitch and I had laugh at other comments on Rav which pretty much summed it up as well. It all pretty much looks like this...although the colour is not quite this dull....

I managed to finish the body and 1 and half sleeves before I caved. Sezza is hosting a KAL you see, and my will power took a beating as I was getting fed up with all that stocking stitch and I have been wanting to make some socks AND of course a Winifred. You know I love those Little Winifreds and I have been wanting one for myself for ages.

Going to admit it took me about 2 seconds to talk myself into it and buy a copy of Winifred and Summer Strawberries.   After all I did have all this lovely yarn that needed using up even if the Poems sock yarn did not quite suit the pattern. I honestly thought I would cast on the socks and that would be my KAL project and the Winifred could go on holidays with me.

My needle situation thought otherwise and decided for me....snag snag snag... went the yarn and all it did was fuzz up as I tried to manoeuvre it along those toothpicks that are supposed to be needles......sigh.... I can feel a shopping trip coming on. I can.

For now however, I gave up and casted on for Winifred. Very optimistic and not sure I can get it done in just two weeks but hey you never know. I will not stress over it. I intend to enjoy it all....

Even if it does mean a whole lot more stocking stitch....LOL...... Thats ok, Since I took this picture I have  started the cable panel so its not so boring now.....

And the yarn is nice and squishy soft. Patons Dreamtime which I seem to have a whole lot of in my stash. :-)    If you would like to join in the KAL, you can find it over here. There are some pattern discounts too if you have been thinking of purchasing a Sezza pattern, now is a good time.

Now I must way and get some work done. Here is another one of those little Angel Pinafores and matching hat that I finished yesterday to leave you with a little something finished to look at. Have a great day all.

Hugs and smoochies xoxoxoxxo


  1. You are so funny. I really like the colors you're using for the new projects. I can't wait to see more. Have fun on your holiday.

  2. :-) Thanks. I still have just under 3 weeks till we go. Hoping I can finish before I go. Although today my needle snapped whilst working on winifred so not liking my chances.