Monday, 14 November 2011

Dream a little dream........

.......Of Eucalyptus and leaves...... I so love the smell of the bush when the rains have just stopped and the leaves are all emitting such a gorgeous clean smell. Although the winter season is finally leaving us behind and the smells are more of wattle now. 

This project was started at the tail end of Winter, the beginning of Spring when the smell of Eucalyptus was strong in the air. And how could I resist buying some yummy yarn which was aptly named Eucalyptus in colour? 

I chose a pattern that once on the go would be easy to knit as a sideline project and not too quick to finish so I would always have something to do. The wool is 5ply so very fine and while I do so love the feel of the wool I am a little unhappy with my choice of an all in one knit as the round needles are not so friendly on my hands. This has come as a bit of a shock to me as when I was younger, round needles were my absolute favourite. Its just that my hands are finding it hard to hold the tension. stiff joints you know? Ah well, considering that, I am still chugging along with it and my daughter tells me she cannot see a thing wrong. I of course CAN........but imperfection seems to be the norm lately round here. LOL 

I am up to the sleeves now and in the process of trying to decide what to knit next. I know I chose a few projects earlier but I don't have the pattern yet for one of them and I keep looking at all this wool and thinking to myself......You really need to learn to choose the pattern first woman! BEFORE you buy the wool!  Really you do! Ha Ha!

Now that would be the sensible way to do it! But who ever said I was sensible? Hmmmm

Hugs and smoochies all! 

Have a beautiful day!
X O X 


  1. Looks like a lovely knit. Love all that yarn shashed on the shelves. I tell myself that having the yarn in the home already is the inspiration for the next knit, rather than choosing the project first....... It's a good excuse anyway ;)

  2. My problem is that buying all the yarn in odd balls tends to leave me short for projects I want to make. This yarn is all rather new. I have loads more odd stuff in baskets and bags. As quick as I give it away, more finds its way in so my hubby thinks I have too much. LOL Really need to find some small projects so I can use it all up.

  3. Fine yarn can cause one to grip more tightly. Maybe wearing some handknit, fingerless gloves will relax your hands more?
    What a good idea to have a project that lasts for easy knitting. I always forget to take knitting along.
    I love how you store your yarn.

  4. Your eucalptus yarn is such a lovely colour. And one can never be too 'sensible' when it comes to yarn. Whoever heard of choosing the pattern first!!! ;)

  5. Lol, I have far too many single skeins too. And then I can never find the "just right" pattern to use them on as I always think something even better will crop up....