Saturday, 26 November 2011

Lotus Spring Cardi - Ta-dah!

Ok I can't remember if I even mentioned I was knitting this one...but I here it is......Ta dah.....

The plan was to crochet some bright coloured flowers and add them to the front panels, however, I did not have any bright coloured wool to use so I opted for the lamb buttons instead .......

and just one little flower on the bottom........... 

What do you think? I am pretty pleased with it......

And No...I did not block it this time...I was far too impatient to get it finished. 

The wool is from Bendigo Woollen Mills (link in my sidebar) - Luxury 8ply in Lotus 322, it was extremely squishy and soft and most lovely to knit with. Used about 2/3 of the ball. 

The pattern is FREE from Playmouth Yarn (click here to find it) and was very easy to follow. Knitted from the neck down it is a great pattern for beginners. Too easy! I think this particular little cardigan has limitless possibilities for decorations too. 

The flower: made up on the spot. Ch3, join (sc, hdc, dc, tr, dc,hdc,sc) in to circle 5 times with a slipstitch between each. Sew button in centre. 

Hugs and smoochies xoxoxo


  1. This cardi is so sweet! Awesome job!

  2. I love it, I love the color too. Nice job.

  3. That little cardi is absolutely lovely, i love the flowers and the little buttons. So adorable and sweet :)

  4. It is absolutely adorable, and I love the buttons. Nice job :)

  5. Love the cardi! Those buttons are so pretty!:-)

  6. Love the little cardi. The buttons are so cute but the flower just about makes it gorgeous. Lucky girl. Plus it's that shade of pink that I do actually like, rather than pretending I like for quitness sake....

  7. Such a sweet little jumper and the buttons are so

  8. Thanks everyone! I have had those buttons for ages and finally got to use them. I could not resist adding the flower as I really wanted to use flowers on the cardi. Maybe I will make another one day with more flowers. :-)

    Becks, I would not normally go for pinks either but I loved that it was called Lotus and it really stood out on the sample card. I will buy more of that particular wool in other colours as it is so nice to knit with.