Monday, 7 November 2011

Pattern pinching.......LOL

I forgot to mention, that my bargain shopping at the school fair the other day, also found me buying a rather old looking baby blanket which had a few marks on it and even some fraying in the border. Cost = again only $1. 

Now why would I buy this I wonder? Well, I remembered that frogged purple and white child's jumper that is sitting in my craft room surrounded by plenty of left over wool and immediately thought.....ooooh....I can make this for my next one a day project. 

I just need to copy the pattern and I'm sorted. So after two washes.... yes, it took a bit of elbow work to get it clean. I found a lovely babies blankie underneath which I will give away once I have mended it and am finished with my pattern pinching! 

The blanket while looking quite nice is made from a yucky acrylic yarn. Not as soft as I would prefer for a baby,  but would be a nice lap rug for an older toddler or child. It has a few random white squares at one end. So I can just imagine the frustration at running out of the pink wool. It must have been a join as you go project as one would have thought the white squares could have been placed strategically so they looked like they belonged???? Who knows? Someone obviously put a lot of love and effort into this blanket so I will make sure it gets plenty more love in its lifetime! 

What creations are you planning for this week? 

Love and Light

Hugs and smoochies xoxoxox

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  1. It's nice to be able to hold something in your hands to see how it was done isn't it. I've been just about nose to iPad this evening to try and work out how something was made, but nope couldn't figure it, so will just have to buy a pattern!

    What a find mind at so little money!