Saturday, 5 November 2011


I should probably stay away from second hand books for a while. I mean really, I am getting quite a stash happening and am not sure I will ever be able to use them all. 

Of course though, whilst visiting the local school fair, I could not help but notice these lovelies piled amongst the old toys and books. And I mean REALLY would you leave them there when they were only $1 each and the two hard cover books were brand spanking new inside like they had never even been read? 

No? Me either! The one on the left is one I have wanted to buy for a while but never got around to buying, so I was pretty chuffed to find it there to say the least. The middle one is full of lacy loveliness. With loads of lace collars and edging ideas. My fingers are itching with excitement! 

The last book was purchased with the thought of me finally getting around to trying embroidery. Well Im not sure when I will find the time but I am hoping to get around to it ONE DAY! If not there are plenty of other needlework things to do in there. :-) 

I also bought this cook book as it has loads of yummy sweet recipes and even a few interesting food ones. I have been planning for ages to have a go at making one of those altered books but thus far have not had the heart to do it. 

I am such a book lover that the thought of tearing out pages, covering them with glue and such, kind of puts me off. However, I am all for the idea of having a book that is FULLY useful. I have so many recipe books that go largely unused and numerous favourite recipes on pieces of paper or online that I would love to put together in ONE book. So its going to happen eventually, as soon as I get my head around it. And of course find a spare 100 hours or so. :-)

My knitting and crochet projects are coming along well this week. There has been knitting in the car, even though I said I would not do that again. My first One a Day project is almost complete and I have been working on the little Melon Daisy cardigan too. Will try and do a picture update soon. 

What have you been up to this week? 

Hugs and smoochies all xoxoxox

Love Karisma


  1. Ooh lovely books. Is that third one the Readers Digest guide? If so I have that but much older and it is a lovely book. Mine is a 70's edition so the sample patterns are ...well....adaptable lol.
    It would be great to have a cook book full of recipes I would use, rather than a random mixture.

  2. £1! That's a real bargain! I can't seem to find any craft books in charity shops these days.. I think they are all snapped up to be sold on Ebay! I have the knitting stitches one and the crochet version of it too.. both are excellent books...rare as hen's teeth! :)x

  3. Becks: Its the 2nd edition, published in 1987 and in pristine condition. I don't think its ever been opened. I also have their Back to Basics book which is awesome and their Things to make and do book. Both picked up at Op Shops for $2 each.

    Stocki: I had borrowed both the books from the library and different times but did not get the time to actually use them. Hence the wish to buy them so yes it was a rather exciting find. ;-)

  4. I have the readers digest book on the right. I absolutely love it. I see dozens of them at bookfest every year and am tempted to stockpile them to give to people who want to learn to craft, but never do.