Monday, 29 October 2012

A little garden visitor.......

Whats this mum? Sniff Sniff........

Hello.......we have a little visitor in the garden.......

I knitted this little rat for my daughter on the weekend and could not resist having a fun photo shoot in the garden. The yarn is ....... Patons Heirloom in 5 ply for the clothes, and Moda-Vera pure wool also in 5ply for his face. 

I used 2.75 mm knitting needles and a 2.5 crochet hook for the ears. 

The main pattern comes from a very old book of mine in the Family Circle Treasury books. It was originally a mouse but I changed the ears and face a bit to make it a little rat. 

Do you recognise this plant? It's the celery that was originally growing on my kitchen window sill. It is growing beautifully outside in the garden now. :-) 

Trying to find a place to nap in his little sleeping bag...... the lettuce is not so comfortable......

The Yarrow it turns out is quite perfect.........


Have a wonderful week everyone! 

Happy crafting  xoxoxoxox


  1. Awe what a cute little rat. Well done, I think he looks well at home in those beautiful purple flowers.

  2. What a sweet little rat :) Beautiful work.
    Great series of photos too, he seems to like your garden.

    Wow, the celery is growing nicely :)

  3. Ooh, such a cute little rat! He is looking great in your garden! I love your sunny pictures. I have just got into a snow storm outside, ugs!
    Have a great week Karisma!

  4. Thanks ladies. We had lots of fun in the garden. :-)

  5. Hehe, so cute and love your fun photo shoot. Have a good week. Deb x