Friday, 26 October 2012


Its all a bit purple around here this week. A nice change from my usual greens for most I am sure. :-)

The purple wrap cardigan is almost there. I am halfway through the second sleeve.  And what is this you ask?

Well, I needed a present for someone and I wanted to make her a shawl. Purple is her favourite colour , soooooooooooo, another project was started. hehe. This is the Aphrodite shawl and I am enjoying making it although I find the use of a large hook a little odd as I am so used to my tension being tight and this is very loose.  Its whipping up quite quickly which is great!

And I really did behave myself and finish something first. I finished the Bellflower Scarf and really did not like the join. Although it joined neatly, the fact that my first row was a lot tighter than the last made it look like this......

No amount of stretching was fixing it. The one other problem was the fact that I used 8ply yarn instead of 10ply and while it looks nice, it is not really wide enough to used over the head. So after taking these pictures I went ahead and undid the join and added one row of the third row pattern to the start end. It will be used as a plain scarf instead.

Hoping to have at least one more ta-dah in the next couple of days. Hugs and smoochies xoxox


  1. I like purple, it is a beautiful colour :)
    The Aphrodite shawl is gorgeous, Karisma. It will look so pretty in pruple. Can't wait to see it finished. Thanks for the link to the pattern, I might give it a try in a little while.

    Your scarf turned out wonderfully!!

    Have a happy weekend :)

  2. I love all these purples you've been working w/! Good call on the Belleflower. One could always use a decorative shawl pin to hold it together.
    The Aphrodite shawl is beautiful! Can't wait to see it in that purple.