Saturday, 2 February 2013

Circles.......Advice please.....

I really love my new coat and since I had  some left over yarn, I decided to whip up a hat to match. I think it ended up a bit over kill and thought perhaps I would take the top section off and make two different hats. One with the circle pattern in the rear and a plain band and one with the circle panels and a plain back, However, my daughter thought it looked really cute, so now I am not sure what to do. What do you think?

We had a rather rushed photo shoot which was quite a lark. Trying to get a picture of the hat looking how it should proved a bit funny when we were not using a mirror etc. My photographer just kept snapping and pulling and well......we laughed a lot what can I say?

The back shot......

The re-arranged by daughter look....

The lets take a dopey self portrait in the mirror (Note to self: Clean the mirror!!!!) 

The back of the coat again......just in case you missed it before......

So back to the hat, should I keep it or change it? 

 Are you sick of looking at me yet? Ok just one more...

gif make

Hugs and smoochies all,  xoxoxoxoxox


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  3. I love it. Leave it the way it is. Great job.

  4. Its great and looks good you are so talented keep it up


  5. I think you look fab! Love the hat and the jacket!

  6. I love those colours, The wool looks very Noro.
    I love your jacket. I still need to learn how to crochet!
    Ive been saying that for the last 6 years now LOL my brain just dosen't get it now Ive got baby brain again (yep No 4 On the way)it will probably be another 6 years until I get it LOL.

  7. I do love the coat!! Such nice colours.

  8. Lovely colours, and the hat is fabulous, I really like it! Great job! Your coat is beautiful too.

  9. The coat is gorgeous!! The hat is too of course :) My personal choice would be for opposing plain crown/bands but tats just my muted style. On you the hat looks great as it is. So that's no help is it lol. xxx

  10. You are so full of life that I think the hat suits you. Yu can always wear it with another coat if you feel it's too much.

  11. i think it is beautiful as it is and goes wonderfully with your cardigan.