Monday, 11 February 2013

Whats in a bag?

My beautiful sister in law popped in last night with a bag of goodies for me. She has been having a mega clean out and although she learned to knit a little while ago, she is over it already. (insert shocked face right here!!!!!!). She was gifted this lovely bag of goodies and decided that they would get more use at my house.  

I think she may be right........Oh My Goodness......there is at least one of every sized needle in there, not to mention all the stitch holders and hooks. One can NEVER have too many of those you know? 

And full of yarny goodness, the rest of the bag certainly was. There is loads of acrylic yarn which will be sorted and probably shared with others. A couple of balls of lovely soft pure wool in blue which I just so happen to have some of myself. Now there is enough to make something baby with that. Yay! There are even some knitting books which I will also pass on to friends as I already have one of them and probably won't use the others.  And there was this Rainbow of  chunky yarn that I could not resist having a play with straight away. 

(Note:  I could not help but take pictures of it either. LOL Love the way the light and flash effects the colours so differently)


Chunky yarn is not common around here as it does not really get that cold that one needs it. Can't say that I love it as its acrylic and not so wonderfully soft. (Yep the yarn snob in me was rearing her head again. Sorry)  But at least I get to try out this little pattern I found in a magazine. And I am pretty sure my niece will love this rainbow of colour. 

Progress report on other things........the dress is coming along.........all make it up as you go.. and I guess going fine. Again, not loving the acrylic part but it was the only colour I had that matched. 

And the little cardigan is a bit slow going as I have not really had much sit down yarn time at all. Too much beach weather last week. :-) 

And the normal day to day stuff of course. Like keeping house, homeschooling, going to beach, reading, gardening, going to the beach again. LOL You can catch up with those adventures on my other blog. (link in sidebar). 

And now I must away,  we are going to work out or weight in gold today and I have a mountain of laundry to tackle. Juggling life is my forte! ;-) 

Have a beautiful week all. 

Hugs and smoochies xoxoxxox


  1. You do have a kind sister in law, what a lovely gift you got :) And so many needles and hooks, how great!

    The dress is coming along beautifully, looking really sweet!

    Have a wonderful week you too, Karisma :)

    1. Thanks lovely. I have finished the dress now, just need to add buttons and maybe a flower or two.

  2. Well you can never have too many hooks and needles....but bored of knitting, can't believe that could ever happen!

    1. I know, right? OH well, now I can cast on far too many things at once. haha, like I don't do that already.

  3. You lucky lady! What a gift and free too! The dress shape is terrific! You're doing awesomely on it.