Monday, 8 April 2013

Charity Morning Tea

Or all day crocheting, chatting and eating loads of goodies day! Yep, that sounds more like it.

Some of the crew getting creative
 Last week a group of friends came around and we attempted to make some goodies to donate to the local hospital charity shop. 

The ladies Auxiliary at the local hospital have a shop where they sell all kinds of lovely handmade creations to the public in an effort to raise funds to buy much needed equipment for the hospital. I thought it would be nice to lend a helping hand. 

I have to say I was rather impressed with everyones efforts. Several of my helpers were beginners and they managed to produce at least two items each. 

It was a fun day and there was talk of making this a regular event. Pictured above are some of the hats including a couple I had already made.  

Here we have a joint effort - she made the hat - and he made the pom pom...he became quite proficient at pom pom making... a marvellous helper...

Having a try at crochet.....

A couple of headbands....... the pink one was made by an absolute beginner! What a great job she did. :-) 

And these little lovelies were sent to me by a member of the Krista crochet group. They are simply adorable and I do think they will be a hit in the shop. My youngest daughter wanted to buy them all herself. 

I am hoping to deliver these at the end of this week. There are a few more hats on the way from friends.  All in all, it was a really fun day. I am sure we are all looking forward to the next one! 

Hugs and love to all xoxoxox


  1. What a terrific, fiber pow wow you had for such a great purpose. I can tell you have lovely weather there! Can you tell the sun to visit my city for a bit. We've been having wet, drizzly weather of late.

    1. We actually had a few days of absolute pouring rain too. But the sun is shining once again, lovely day today. :-) Its funny you ask me to send the sun to you, someone asked me the other day to send the rain their way as they are in drought.

  2. What a lovely get-together you had, that looked like fun!! And for such a good cause. Love the crochet items you produced, they are really sweet, you all did great :)

  3. What a nice thing to do and fun too.

  4. What an amazing idea,
    ! Wonderful items made and a lovely way to spend the day :-)

  5. Lots of wonderful things being made! I wish I could have a group to crochet with, this looks great