Thursday, 4 April 2013

WIP Woes....

Do you ever have one of those woe is me projects going on? You know the one that you are actually loving but just is not working out right? 

Well this is one of those. I love the design. I love the yarn. However, (insert loud Le-sigh), the pattern is a little off. At first I thought it was me. I have finished the back and then started on the right front and the woes began. 

First I got to the decrease and discovered the pattern printout was different to the back for the decrease. Thats ok I thought and tried again. I pulled it back three times as it was not working when I finally looked at the website which was different to the printout. Really? Arghhhh... I said, that is all. (Yes I actually wrote that on Facebook haha!) 

And then I finally started to progress when I look at the work and once you see what I see? 

Yep that is a hole where there should not be a hole. Of course I have since ripped the whole thing back and started again and am once again up to that decrease part and forgotten what I did last time. (may I say arghhh again? I am feeling a bit like a pirate!)  I have also started a baby cardigan in 4ply, re-discovered my purple wrap which is nearly finished and I have been working on my In a Spin (no I did not frog it just yet :-) ). Besides working on some more charity bits and pieces. Busy week for yarn around here. 

Here is my latest was fun to make....

I am hoping to show you a FO soon.    What are you working on right now? 

Hope you are having better luck than me! 

Love and Light to all.  xoxoxxo


  1. oh dear! dont you just hate when that happens, but seriously your more persistent than me. I would have given up ages ago!
    loving the yarn though.
    Beautiful square.

  2. Oh geez. That is a big boo. Were other projects of that made? Can you find helpful notes? The square is neat-o!

  3. Ag, not nice when something just doesn't want to work out. Must say, my enthusiasm for the Crescent Moon Shawl is slowly waning as well. May be you should put it away for a short while?

  4. Oh no WIP woes are not fun, although you have lots of determination as I would have probably given up ages ago! The pattern and the yarn looks lovely, so I hope you get it knitted up alright.

    The square you have done looks great as well :)