Wednesday, 24 April 2013


We interrupt all my buzzing around for the House of Bee to share the excitement that comes when one sees ones own patterns re-produced by others.... drum roll please.....HRStuart from our Ravelry group, Everything Zen has made not one but two of my Roman inspired helmut's....and what an awesome job she did too.  She has so kindly given me permission to share her picture so here it is....

These were made for children so its nice to see that the pattern works out no matter which version you choose to go with. Very excited over here. I am absolutely loving the colourful one too. :-) 

Love and light to you my friends. xoxox


  1. OMGosh! These are so freakin' cool! They rock!

  2. That is awesome, it must feel great to see someone else use your fun looking!