Thursday, 11 April 2013

WIP Wednesday......confessions......

So as my WIP's pile up around me, I thought I should fess up and tell you that I started yet another project. Norty Norty me!

In my own defence my girls took me shopping down in the big smoke last weekend and while they were having their nails done, I wandered into a book store and happened to stumble across this little gem....

Its not often that I will buy pattern books in store as of course it is generally so much cheaper at the Book Depository. However, in this case, the book was under $20 and had more than two patterns that I liked. This is my excuse that it was well worth grabbing. hehe.

Seriously though, there are some absolute gems in this book. I just want to get started on them all. However, there is that ever growing pile of WIP's that need finishing so I controlled myself and just hooked up one. I chose the Cabled hooded cardigan and so far the pattern is really easy to follow and a pleasure to hook up. I think this book and I are going to get along just fine. :-) I would recommend this book to beginners too as the designer has given plenty of pictures and line by line instructions to help you keep count and on track. And it is very very pleasing to the eye. Loads of gorgeous babies sporting their beautiful little outfits. Yep I love this book. Can you tell? :-)

So back to business, here is what I have so far....I am using Moda Vera pure wool in a pale aqua colour..... I have six balls of 50g and am beginning to worry that it won't be enough.... typical of me, I really should over buy my yarn..... its my first time trying cable so I am loving the way its working....

Next up I have been chugging away at Serenity, you may remember I was struggling a bit with the front. Problem after problem arose and while everyone around me suggested I frog it. I could not. I want that cardi, I do. I love the yarn colours and I really do like the lace pattern. But for some reason it just was not working.

I joined in the Pour Moi KAL, in the Project Stash group on ravelry and decided to use this project as my gift to myself. Why? Well because I thought it would give me that extra push to get it done. That little extra, YOU CAN DO IT, vibe! And yes it helps to have people working along beside you to chat to, even if they are not physically here.

I managed to contact the only other person on Ravelry who had finished this cardigan and she was an enormous help to me. Bless her! Lets just say I am pretty sure I need to get glasses. I was completely skipping the fact that I needed to BO six twice on the neckline. And I have just re-arranged the pattern flow a bit to get it to fit in nicely. No worries. Drawing, and/or writing things down really does help. LOL

So what else am I working on? Well, we have....


The IN-A-SPIN blanket ...... which would be all those squares I have been posting on and off.
Hospital Charity goodies
Little Hoodie which I frogged a while ago, but have decided I should finish after all.


Vintage Baby Cardigan - leaf design - 4ply

Purple wrap - sewing and crochet edges

To do list - Not yet started

2 toddler boy sweaters - July
2 toddler boy hats- July
1 toddler girl birthday gift - July
1 gift for 50th birthday gift - for May
1 pair of socks
2 newborn baby boy gifts
2 knights helmuts

Oh Yikes, I am going to stop writing as all my want to do things are not even on there yet. I think I should go get to it hey?

Love and Light to all.

May your hearts be filled with love and joy  xoxox


  1. You sure are working on a lot! I love the looks of that book. I always want to knit baby projects but I need items for myself.

  2. Wow! You sure have a lot of wip's they are all lovely & I'm loving the crochet cardi, so cute.

  3. Your WIPs are all great, can't wait to see them when they're done :) The crochet cardigan looks lovely, I like that cable pattern!