Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Great Wool Online

I thought I would share a couple of links for great wool shops online that I found yesterday.   They are very different but I like them both for different reasons.......

First off  The Bendigo Woollen Mills in Victoria, I accidentally discovered the site while search for pure Australian Wool to buy as I had been having trouble finding colours that I liked locally. I am wary buying online due to the fact that the colours never seem to look the same in real life.

When the wool is also pricey it makes one a little wary I guess to take the plunge. This shop sells huge 200g balls of wool at very affordable prices. If your anything like me and cannot stand it when you get a ball of wool with a gazillion joins in the ball you will understand that this claim of no joins sucked me in straight away. Thats like four balls of wool with no joins! I hope its true, I do , I do!!!!!

Now I decided to buy 5 balls of wool in different types so I could check it out and see what I liked. I chose them went through the order stage FREE POSTAGE if you spend over a certain amount and then it would not accept my payment. I sent an email and did not expect to hear from them till at least the next day (or longer as has been my experience with othere online stores before). It was also close to closing time so when I got a call back within 20 minutes, by the most helpful lady, I was hooked I tell you. I think this may be my new wool store my friends. She not only filled my order and took payment over the phone, but informed me that two that I had chosen were out of stock and offered to send me sample cards so that I would not keep buying willy nilly colours just to check them out. LOL

So GREAT customer service, huge balls of AFFORDABLE pure Merino wool AND cheap to no postage. I will update you on what I think of the wool later but I sure do have a good feeling about this one! Yes I do! :-)

The other store I stumbled upon is a much smaller operation but very much what I think a lot of my friends would also love.


Absolutely scrummy hand dyed wool OR you can buy the hanks undyed and do it yourself! Love it! A little dearer than the Mill Store but of course well worth the very reasonable prices. I am also quite partial to the colours of the wool. Very nice my friends, very nice!

Anyhow I just thought I would share my finds and of course save these links so I don't lose them. I do believe I will be using both for my future wool shopping adventures. I have so many projects queued up and thats not including the ones on Ravelry.

Happy crafting everyone! Hugs and smoochies xoxoxox
PS. Will try and post a One a day update later. I need to take pictures! :-)

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