Saturday, 24 September 2011

Up-cycled renovations....

Today my daughter got a new cage for her pet rats. It came with ramps and food bowls but needed a few homey affects.

So we ripped up an old pillow case and I crocheted them a little hammock. We wanted something cotton, not too easy to chew, and strong enough to climb and snuggle on.

In winter we make them little wool sacks to hide in but it gets a bit hot here in summer. Hence the cotton. Its basically a triangle in SC and then a little white around the edges and to make the ties.

My daughter used the left over strips of the pillow case to make a rope and added beads and things to play with so nothing was wasted. She added some beads, a bracelet and used an old ear ring too.

Rats like to have lots of different things to play with and chew and they have been having a lot of fun today in there new house.


  1. I love you. Only a crochet nut would make something for their pet rat. Awesome.

  2. <3 I aim to please lovely! Our animals are a bit like our kids around here! Well from my point of view anyway, they are just as obnoxious and demanding and needy! LOL Gotta love em' xoxox

  3. You are such an awesome mum to let her daughter have rats. Are hers gentle? I remember an ex's being really aggressive when you tried to give them peanuts or whatever.
    How clever to knit them hammocks!

  4. Kepanie: Yes they are very gentle, they have been handled since they were babies so very trusting of humans. Rats are very intelligent and like other animals they develop their own personalities. Penelope, the one in these pictures is a common rat she is very active and a busy body, needs to get her nose into everything. The other rat, Edie more bush rat so prefers the night life and hides most of the day. She is much cleaner, liking her home to be tidy, where Penny throws food and stuff everywhere. The only downside to rats is the smell. They need their cage to be cleaned daily and bathed often or they stink. There is a close up picture on my other blog if you want to have a look.

  5. I loved this! All so caringly made for you pet rat, and very creative :)