Thursday, 22 September 2011

Honeycomb Cardi....complete....sort of..

Well I finished up the honeycomb cardi last night and I must say I was not impressed. I did not bother to even block it as I knew it would not make much difference overall.  The pattern itself was easy enough for me to follow, I think though that beginners may have found it a little hard. 

So what was the problem you ask? Well.......two small factors.....first the arms. The pattern called for picking up the stitches and knitting downwards. I have never had a pattern go this way before but thought "OK, not a bad idea" However, I picked up the exact amount of stitches it said between the exact measurements and it looks way to narrow for my liking. Generally a sleeve increases quite a bit on the way up. This one only decreased 3 times. Yeah I know I could have pulled it apart and redid it, but I was kind of over it already! sigh!

The other thing I was not too fussed on was the lack of button holes. I think buttons are a must on a baby cardi, but thats just my opinion. I don't think a 3 month old wears a cardi as a fashion statement, more for warmth! Hmmm

With that said, the pattern is really nice, the wool was lovely and maybe I will try it again at a later date making the arms a bit wider and yes adding some button holes too.

And now that this one is out of the way, its time for something new! Yay! (Or maybe I should finish the four frogged projects that are lingering.....hmmmm....nah! New sounds like a plan!) 

Have a wonderful day! 

Hugs and smoochies xoxoxo


  1. Good to read your experience w/this cardi. Definitely post it on your Ravelry project page so others will know.
    It's a great color and the lace panels are nice.

  2. Hi! So disappointing when you finish a project and then find you aren't too happy with it.. maybe you could do some crochet loops of something to 'do'up the front? It's a great colour though. Silver lining... you get to start another project... hurrah! Can't wait to see what you chose next :)x

  3. Of course! Thanks lovely! Now why did I not think of that? LOL (probably because I have been too busy crocheting squares, and it has given me square brain!) Misgivings aside, I think it has already been claimed by one of my friends who happens to have a tiny two month old baby. :-) I shall add a few buttons first and hand it over. LOL

    As for the new project, would you believe that I have so much wool to chooses from but none are enough for each of the projects I have chosen. Looks like more wool shopping on the agenda! Hopefully in the mean time I will find something small to make. :-)

  4. I know what it is like to be annoyed with a project, but the cardi looks lovely!:-)