Wednesday, 14 September 2011

One a Day.......week 2 update

There has not really been a lot of progress on my one a day project. You see, I still am not quite satisfied with my wool. I am however awaiting a sample sheet and a few balls of wool this week that I hope will set my mind at ease. For now I have been playing around with different patterns to see which ones I like and which ones I will actually use.  And while I do like some of the colour combination's, they are not going to work for the whole coat as the wool I used is variegated and will certainly not do for the bottom part of the coat. So I am still a hunting!

Around here the consensus has pretty much been.....oh....use them all. And it would probably work if I had all the right colours.  But for now I am not sure, I quite like some more than others and I am not too fussed on leaving it at the actual pattern, which is this......

as it does not really stand out so much with this very soft wool. I guess it looks better in the pictures and may look better when put together, but I am not sure.  So I thought I would try some circles as well.....

I really like the one in the middle and I am noticing that the colours don't quite look the same online as in real life.  The colours are all shades of green and brown so far and a little darker than they look here.
Anyway apart from this I have been working this week on a little cardigan which I called Honeycomb Cardi. There are now 3 babies coming along amongst my friends so lots of garments needed for new babies. I am aiming to make at least one garment a week, mostly small so should be able to wing it.

Hopefully I will have this finished by next week! For now I am off to crochet my square for the day!
Right after I finish checking out all the other posts..OH much creativity! I can't wait!
If you would like to check them out too, go on over to Gingerbread Girls blog and check out the list!

Happy Crafting everyone! 

Hugs and smoochies xoxoxox


  1. You must have joined the link party after I went to bed. Thank you for the kind comments on my blog.
    I like the circle pattern. I am sure it will be lovely in whatever colors you decide.

  2. Hmmmm, I keep getting drawn to the squares that have the brown, creamy colour and green....I like both the circle center and square center. I think if your going to put them together, the circle centers will be better as it will be less holey and more snuggly.

    The honeycomb cardy is looking really good so far :) Although I know how you feel about people having babies, there are so many people I know right now that are expecting

    Thank you for commenting and joining my blog too!

  3. Hi Karisma...thanks for your kind comments on my blog.. I know what you mean about putting colours together.. some people just seem to have the knack instantly don't they? I struggle and jiggle, taking blocks out ad putting them in... at least for my One-a-Day I don't have to worry as it is all in cream! New follower for you here :)x

  4. I'm liking the muted colours of your sqaures. I like colourful blankets, but the colour choice has to be just right and I often find all the different colours too busy and full on for granny squares, and not really my personal taste. The cardy is ever so pretty!
    Kier x

  5. I think I like the traditional granny squares best. Looking forward to seeing the new colours too :)

  6. Love your granny square the teal and chocolate look gorgeous. I look forward to seeing what colours you decide on. The jumper looks cute, I love making baby clothes.xxxx

  7. Thanks for your lovely comment on my post :) I love you squares and the colours you've used so far. I love both the squares and the circles, but I think I probably like the circles the best. Whichever you go for I think your coat is going to look gorgeous! :)

  8. Your projects are coming along beautifully :)

  9. How sweet of you to make cardis for your friends' bebes.
    I really like the fifth picture of that color combo!

  10. Hi! I like the one in the middle, it looks really nice! I´m also not sure with my colors and pattern . Maybe I will do something new.
    Have a nice week! Barbina