Tuesday, 20 September 2011

One a Day......week 3...

This weeks Tuesday Tally is brought to you from our second back yard. Down in the sand......

Where the ocean meets the earth (and the crochet work basket).....

Who is never afraid of a little sand as it is used to sharing space with many strange things............

Like Oranges for poor disgruntled lonely homeschooled boys who miss their friends because they have been sick for weeks on end and kept apart......

Yes we have been in much need of pure salty sea air to clear our bodies and souls of germs that seem to be seeking us out lately. So this week there were a few squares whipped up  down amongst the rocks while small children played and women nattered.

And of course on this day while one boy sadly told his mum of his loneliness and missing his best friend who is recovering from whooping cough, while he himself has just caught yet another fluey type bug off his siblings when he was almost better, after weeks struggling with a chest infection. It is a vicious circle, one which I am struggling with myself.  It certainly has been an emotionally draining roller coaster down here to say the least. 

But life goes on, and so does the drama of these shabby little squares........which have accumulated despite my misgivings and lack of yarn.....

Despite my randomly ordering three huge new balls of varying colours that I thought might work....


Only to find that they are in fact slightly thicker yarn and they make the squares come out bigger.  And the green is too bright compared to the lighter green I used already. Sigh......(It is however, nicer to crochet with as it has just a little tighter weave and holds better.)

So I was left in yet another dilemma, should I start all over and use the thicker yarn? Should I just use the yarn I already have? Should I re-order more yarn in 5ply which is more likely to fit with the brown merino I am using already? (problem being that I have a trip coming up and it might arrive while I am away...arghhhhhh) Oh my friends, the choices were doing my head in!

So with much thought and deliberation and never really coming to a complete stand still. I decided that since I named this the Shabby Chic coat anyway, and since the colours so far actually go quite well together. I am just going to keep making those squares and I will make the bottom row in the slightly bigger ones so it has that little bit more flare! And do you know what? If it does not work out perfect, who cares? I will have a new house coat instead of an outdoors one! Worst case scenario, I will turn it into a rug! LOL

And YES, of course I am going to order more yarn when I get back. They so kindly sent me a colour sample chart and I have to say that I can see quite a few more projects coming up in the near future! Yes I can! 

I hope your one a day adventures are going far more smoothly than mine! 

Hugs and smoochies xoxoxoxox


  1. Agh I hate dilemmas like that! You've come up with an excellent compromise though... can't wait to see it! YOu could always do a bag to go with the coat.. but that might be a bit like double denim :)x

  2. A bag sounds like fun! :-) I just made an entirely different looking square all together and quite like it. I must not change! I must not change! LOL

  3. Ooooo that is a dilemma, although at least there is not a waste if it doesnt suit for a outdoors coat :)

    Hope your son gets better too!

  4. I was running around like this last week too. I hate these dilemmas!
    I hope you will find a way through this!:)
    All the best for you and your son! Barbina

  5. Lovely photos on the beach, I hope the salty air works it's magic.

    I think you decision sounds great, your squares are coming along great.

  6. I think your squares look nice. If you like them keep them. If they are bothering you then take the time to do them over. The project is going to take a long time and after all that work you are going to want your blanket to be just the way you want it. I had to ask for advice last week on my blanket too, I ended up frogging a large part of it, hard to do, and am now very happy with how it looks. I haven't quite got around to posting for Tuesday's Tallies yet, but will before day is over. Hope your family feels better soon.

  7. How lovely to be able to go to the beach for a bit of hooky time !!!!! I love how your squares are coming along and the new yarn is gorgeous. Deb xxxx

  8. I am not easily flustered, but have to admit to feeling a little squirmy seeing your square on the sand, how silly eh? I like the bag idea and I love the look of all the colours you have too. I reckon you probably have more than one lovely project ahead of you!

  9. P.s. Meant to say that I hope that you are all feeling totally better soon including friends so there are more play days ahead!

  10. Your squares a lovely, and what a inspiration, sitting by the sea while doing a bit of hooky, I so wish i lived closer to the sea.

    I'm sure what ever decision you make it will be stunning.
    all the best to your son i hope he gets well real soon.

  11. We've had chest infections and fluey things going on here as well - it most certainly is draining! Loving your squares!

  12. love your colours look forward to see this grow! sorry to hear about your son, hope you all feel better soon!


  13. You could always make a pillow cover with one set of squares and a blanket with the other so they can sit together but don't have to be perfectly matched/same size squares. I do love the colors you have chosen so no matter what you do in the end it will loo lovely!

    Hope your son feels better really soon. It's no fun being sick!

    xx Marja (Noemie on Rav)

  14. Yay, I agree that you should work round the problem. I had a similar thing with a granny square I am working on. I found that with blocking the squares could be easily levelled up and it was perfectly neat in the end.

  15. Isn't it frustrating when you have to re-evaluate? I'm in a similar boat. Some of my colours just aren't speaking to me and two of the colours I love I've just run out of and can't get more.

  16. Thanks for all the well wishes everyone!

    Faith: I would have squirmed at the sand years ago too but as we are always at the beach I am so used to it that its natural to lay in it, on it etc. Be assured that square is perfectly sandless my dear! I made sure before it went into the basket! LOL

  17. Any reason to buy more yarn is a win-win!

  18. I hope you're all feeling better soon. Nothing like the sea air to help with that though :)

    I really like the new colours you ordered and think they would look lovely with your existing colours. If you want to use them, I say go for it. I'm using 3 different yarns in my blanket and they're all slightly different thicknesses, but using them all together it means that there's not too much difference in overall size, and the blocking should sort that out anyway. Good luck making your decision :)

  19. Your squares are looking great. I hate having to make frog or finish decisions, but I think you made a good choice

  20. I'm liking your squares. I too am still not fully down on what colours I'll be using, and not happy with a few that I've made, but I thought any that don't make it in the blanket will be used for a cushion.
    Hope the boy feels better soon and is reunited with best friend soon.
    Kier x

  21. I love the colours of your squares! And am sending good wishes for speedy recoveries x

  22. What a lovely spot for a photoshoot, lucky girl! Well done you have loads of squares you're blanket will be finished in no time!

    I made a blanket with all sorts of yarns and once joined together it didn't matter that they were different sizes, the smaller onces sort of stretched to fill the space :-)