Saturday, 3 December 2011

A Bush Faerie Tale

Once upon a time, in the Australian bush, a bush faerie heard the call of the colours of nature around her. She loved the colours so much that she wanted to enjoy them all the time. She wondered if she could freeze time and make the bush stay that way forever? 

Unfortunately, mother nature had other plans! With the changing of the seasons, the colours changed an awful lot. And in the summertime especially, the bush became very dry, very quickly. The colours changed rapidly and no matter how hard the little bush faerie tried. She could never capture them quite quickly enough to hold them all together at once.

One day, as winter was approaching, and the little faerie was looking down at the ground beneath her toes, she wondered if maybe she wove together the colours just a little at a time, could she then, save them all at once? 

If she could just breathe them in, one by one, she may just be able to capture them and weave them together. And so thats what she did....she added a little more each time and slowly began to capture them all. She draped them around herself and giggled with joy! 

And slowly the colours in all their beauty were becoming a part of her. 

Sometimes they would change while she was weaving them and she would get a little frustrated. She wished that they would change back so she could catch them once more. 

But she knew in her heart that just like the seasons change, so it must be with her colours. And even when the colours began to fade and she could only find a little of each. She worried that she would not be able to capture enough to wrap herself in completely. 

She remembered.....

That if she would but accept them, the way they were, she could be happy, no matter what colours she managed to capture. No matter how much of herself she covered. 

And so, she continued to breathe them in and soon she was surrounded in the beautiful colours of the bush and she danced and she twirled as only a bush faerie would. 

And she wondered why she had ever doubted herself in the first place.

Because the colours in the bush are beautiful, no matter what time of the year you see them. And no matter how short the time. 

 And as she rested and wondered what she would do next. She remembered the animals and she wondered, "Could I catch their colours too?" "Or should I venture out of the bush, where the humans are? I bet there are many more colours out there?" 

But then she thought, she would take a rest. And concentrate instead on feeling the earth beneath her feet and the wind in her hair! Because sometimes my friends it is far better to just enjoy the colours rather than try to catch them. Don't you think?  

I wonder what colour the wind is? Hmmmmm.........

Thank you for listening to our story! 

And oh yeah   TA-DAH! hehe! 

Hugs and smoochies xoxoxoxxo


  1. Love it!!! G did a marvelous job illustrating your story, too.

    Did you get the picture I sent you. Ignore the fat woman wearing it... the coat is a proper winter coat (it was SO warm!) along the same lines!

  2. Yes Yes I did! I just sent you a quick note on facebook. My mail is playing up!

  3. Wow that's awesome, I love it (and your story too:)

  4. Wonderful!!!!! Love your story and your photographs so much! Have a great weekend! Barbina

  5. How nice! You finished it. I love it and the story too.

  6. I totally love your beautiful story and pictures. :-)

  7. Wowzers! I see what you did for what everyone thought was a blanket! Great job. Cute storyline.

  8. Hi Karisma... what a beautiful post! You should write and illustrate children's books! Such a beautiful fairy too! You know, I think the wind would change colours... from smokey white when it is low, to dark purple when it is high :)x

  9. Just beautiful - the story, you and your coat. Thank you so much for taking part in One a Day and for such a magical Ta-Dah!

  10. Hi!
    Awesome story and coat. Love the colors you used. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  11. What a great ta-dah, love your story and the photos are fantastic. It reminded me of The Flower Fairys.
    That coat is amazing and looks wonderful on you.

  12. Beautiful and the best ta-dah i've ever seen :)

  13. Thanks everyone! And I wish I was that young again. My beautiful faerie is actually my daughter, ahem, the youngest of three. I am a tad more wrinkly! LOL

  14. Absolutely wonderful - the crochet, the story and your daughter. xxxx

  15. Fantastic! I love it all, Judy xx

  16. Great post love it. Only just getting around to all the one a days now and I'm so glad you posted yor ta dah I have been waiting to see this little one finished. It looks amazing love it. xx

  17. Wow!! It looks amazing, Karisma!
    And I love the story too :)