Saturday, 9 August 2014

Drumroll please....I have a FO...

Well half a FO. I guess its not really a FO till it has a partner hey? Don't judge me, I am on holidays. Haha..  Introducing my very first attempt at knitting a sock using circular needles and only my second attempt ever at knitting socks.. My first Summer Strawberry is complete.....

It has been raining a bit here this week so I did have a full afternoon of knitting yesterday. I have also been working on the Shoots Beanie for Mymymy and plan to finish that off today if I can. Here is a sneak peak at how its been going.....

The lace pattern is easy to follow and is looking quite pretty as it knits up. I will share more about it when I am finished. Loving the feel of the Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury yarn too. Its been a while since I used some. Its soft and kind of silky in your hands. :-)

My other WIP right now is a Facebook Page. I finally took the plunge and started one up. Not very exciting so far but I will be posting pictures etc on there as I knit/crochet and hopefully eventually selling some goodies and patterns via the page. All a huge WIP though as I still have a lot of work to do to get it all going. If you would like to follow along  the link is Karisma Knits on facebook.

Now I am off to work on that beanie before the kids all wake up. The sun is shining today so we will more than likely head off to the beach.

Have a beautiful day everyone. Hugs and love. xoxox


  1. I love how you're getting so much knitting done. How do you like knitting socks on circa rather than the previous method - DPNs?

  2. Sounds like the perfect use of an afternoon to me! I love those socks, the colour is great.