Sunday, 24 August 2014

Holiday greetings...

Hello there my friends.

Just popping in for a quick minute to give you a sneaky peak at what I have been working on. First up... Demetra.....

The yarn is called Scandy Ayres and is an Acyrlic/wool/nylon/Mohair blend (Yes I actually bought something with Acrylic in it by choice. Wonders will never cease. To be truthful I did not check the label till I went to use it. LOL I have to say I am loving the flecks of colour and the softness of the finished product. Yes it is very almost finished. I need to sew up the hem and pockets but am waiting till I get home and block it before I take pictures to show you.

Next up, with all the rain and not much to do here in Byron this past week. I had a lot of time for reflection, dreaming and playing with yarn. I came up with about 3 different pattern ideas and this one is going to be a dress with different yoke and body options... here is a peek of the first one. You can't really see the pattern in the skirt properly but thats ok, don't want to give it away too early now do I?

My yarn options etc are limited here so I am using what I have and jotting down my ideas as I go. Lots of drawings but not much physical production with yarn.  The skirt of this variation would be much better in a solid colour as it has a zig zagging pattern in it.

Anyway the sun has actually peeked out from behind all the clouds this morning and I am off to meet a friend for lunch. Take care lovelies. I will probably not post again till after I am home.

Love and light to you and yours. xoxoxoxox


  1. You go on the designing. I like how the first project is in a neutral with happy, color flecks.

  2. I am loving the flecks in the yarn, so pretty. Your design is looking lovely so far, will be interesting to see what you come up with next.