Friday, 22 August 2014

Summer Strawberries.....

Good morning my friends. Its raining again at our holiday destination, has been for most of our time here. Oh well, that has left time for knitting, crocheting and even some blogging time.

I have enjoyed my adventures into sock knitting once more. Only the 2nd pair I have ever knit and of course the first time using a circular needle. I had fun taking pictures along the way too. :-)  There was knitting at the beach on those days where it did not rain....even if it was blustery windy and cold..

This one was taken on my phone.  :-) Not long before the chilly wind whipped up and it was way too cold to stay out there. I had to make a run for the car.

The socks were a pleasant pattern to follow but I think I needed to make them a little shorter in the foot.

The toes are rather square and as the foot was a bit long they did not stretch to give them a toe shape if you know what I mean?

I will either give them to some one with a longer foot or pull them back a pattern repeat once I get home so they fit a bit better. (I like this idea better as I do love these socks).

The heel is quite bunched up too.

All in all, I love the lace pattern and the berry stitches that make up the rest of the sock.

It was hard to take pictures when one was wearing the socks, pictures do not really do the pattern justice.
 The Pattern:  Summer Strawberries by Sezza Knits. 

The Yarn:  Araucania Ranco 933 Pink

Needles: 2.25 and 2.5 mm circulars

Have a beautiful day! Love and hugs xox


  1. Yay, on this finish! I say fix them and keep them for yourself.

    1. Yeah thats what I was thinking too. :-)

  2. I love your socks! I just been knitting my socks I've been a bit lazy ;)
    I would be fixing them too!
    I'm up to my 5th pair and I still haven't knitted a pair for me yet!