Wednesday, 6 August 2014

WIP Wednesday......Knitting at the beach.....

Yesterday I spent the morning sitting under the trees at The Pass, Byron Bay. I had some lovely coffee and my yarn and camera along . It was so relaxing and despite being a little cool to start off with turned out to be quite a lovely morning.  I made a friend....

who found my knitting very interesting and kept circling me. This is a bush turkey just in case you are not sure. They roam wild in the Australian bush.

The boys were surfing or bodyboarding, one even stayed behind and slept the morning away because he could. :-) I worked on my Summer Strawberries a little and then had a bit of fun taking pictures.

As you can see I was very easily amused. It was a lovely morning and I throughly enjoyed myself. I even had a 2nd cup of coffee and was very excited to check into Ravelry and find out that I had won TWO prizes in different KAL's. One for the Sezza KAL and one from Just Jussi. How exciting! I love taking part in KAL's or CAL's as it encourages you to actually finish what you start and its fun seeing everyone elses progress and FO's as well. I have joined up for another one while I knit these socks. I am sure I will tell you more about them later on and share pictures when I get home.

For now, I am back to my knitting and a cup of herbal tea.

Have a beautiful day all.

Love and hugs xoxoxoxox


  1. The beach is one of the best places to holiday. Is that wild turkey different from what one eats at Thanksgiving? I love how you're armed with things to do while you soak up soon and listen to the waves.

  2. Love the colour of the yarn. Knitting by the sea - bliss!