Sunday, 17 August 2014

That moment....when you run out of yarn.....

This is what happens when you decide to use up your left over yarn and don't swatch or check yardage.  Woopsy!

My fault entirely. I trusted that the pattern said 100g of DK and surely I had a little over 100g left of my BWM Luxury did I not? Well yes I did, in fact I am pretty sure that it should have been more than enough. Perhaps if I had used a smaller set of needles. Considering the pattern states this will fit an 18month to 2 year old. I did notice that it was looking a little big in the top section but my friends, the yarn felt so nice and squishy and I was tired and did not want to work on my fiddlier project of socks, so in my usual fashion I just said meh and kept on knitting.

I figured you see that I also had about 25grams of the white left over and I would use that for the bottom and the sleeve edging. I "thought" it would be enough. LOL I can just hear my hubby saying " Well, you know what thought did, don't you?" I won't tell you the other half of that lovely statement of his, its a bit rude. But anyways, as you can see, I ran out again.

So this little lovely will be waiting till we get home to be finished as I have some more of that white at home.

For now I am looking at this delightful bunch of yarn and wondering what to do with it....

You see in my haste to pack my bags I did not check the ply. It looks like DK but apparently according to rav it is 12 ply. I had hoped to make a larger Gidday and have some contrasting purple to go with it but not sure if it will work being 8ply and 12ply. Would probably not hold its shape at all. I am tempted to give it a go but don't want to waste it. Maybe I should knit a swatch using both colours and see what happens? Hmmmm that might make sense. :-)

Any ideas for something else I can make with this? Interesting that the yardage is the same for a 50g ball as the 8ply.  I have 480metres of this and 400 metres of the purple. So I can either risk it or I can make something different out of each of them. Oh decisions decisions!      

Have a beautiful day my friends. Love and light to you xoxoxox


  1. I like that white at the end. You did great improv.

  2. Agree with Kepanie, your adaptation looks great. A happy accident perhaps?