Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Quick Hello

Hi there lovelies,

Just a quick early morning hello from not so sunny Byron Bay this week. We have settled in to our accommodation after a few days of me be a bit of a sook. While our apartment is all very beautiful and fancy it is lacking in practicality and the thought of living for a month without decent cooking options and or a decent laundry had me almost in tears. 3 teenage boys who are constantly eating and making a mess (well two of them anyway) ....argghhhh. Was not feeling much like a holiday at first, thats for sure.

Me being me, I of course talked myself out of this rut and am making do by getting creative with it all and of course training the boogers not to be so messy. The oldest one has been a little quicker to learn than the other two but they are getting there with lots of reminders. Being positive and making the most of everything really does make one go with the flow much easier.  It helps that this is just a short stroll around the corner too...... this is the less busy end of the beach and also the dog walking beach so lots of friendly puppies running around to greet you on your morning walks. :-)

Before the rain started we spent most of our time at the beach. I went shopping one day and bought some books and a pretty dress for $5...bargain. Yesterday we drove up to Queensland and took the kids to Movie World where my boys took great pleasure in introducing their friend D to the rides,  so they are having lots of fun. The younger two have been snorkelling and body boarding every day and are loving the freedom of being able to just walk to the beach or shops when they feel like it. Their obsession over body boards and go pro accessories has me laughing a bit. Although I have a feeling my purse won't be laughing with me very shortly. ;-)

Anyway, this is the craft blog. I shall write more about our adventures on my other blog later. The rain set in a couple of days ago so I took one day out to just sit, relax and of course knit. I cast on Summer Strawberries by Sezza....... I have progressed a bit longer than this and will share when I take more pictures.....

and another test knit for Mymymy Knitting. Here is a sneaky peak...again more is done but I have not taken pics as yet.....

I hope you are all well. I am off to make a cuppa and do a little more of my knitting before the kids wake up. I think the plan is to head to Broken bay today for some bush walking and more surfing/body boarding. Have a beautiful day all.

Hugs and blessings to you xoxox


  1. Sometimes holidays can seem a bit like work cant they, especially when you have kids to sort out! Time on the beach and knitting sound fantastic though, hope you have a great day today!


    1. Thank you lovely, the day turned out beautifully. The sun came up, the kids surfed all day, I sat with my knitting on the beach and then I managed to secure some cooking utensils to help out with our dilemma of a kitchen that was very lacking. Feeling blessed now. Time for relaxation and fun. :-)

  2. What a lovely beach. The sand looks soft for the toes and I can just smell the sea air. It's amazing how messy kids can be no matter what age, yeah? My girls were coveted head to toe in sand. The sock yarn is wonderful. How fun to do a test knit.