Friday, 1 March 2013

Oh Murano......

You are so so beautiful. Why do you have to be so ITCHY???????

I was so excited when I saw my favourite Aussie Yarn store, Bendigo Woollen Mills was finally selling some yarn in colours that were right up my ally. I have so far loved every single ball of yarn or cotton that I have purchased. Especially the fact that the yarn comes in a continuous 200gram ball with no joins. It is generally also lovely and soft. As you all remember I could not wait to try out this new yarn and quickly chose a simple pattern so I could test the see how the colours came out. 

When I first looked at the yarn it reminded me of Sean Sheep yarn a bit. It is spun very loosely and I was a little concerned about it breaking. It was however much stronger than it looked and knitted up really well. I did find a join knot in the middle of the first ball which was disappointing. I was not terribly concerned though and undid it and blended it in. 

When I started to sew the cardigan together though, the action of pulling the yarn through over and over did end up with it constantly breaking. :-( It was a bit of a chore to say the least. While I was tempted to use a different yarn, I did not want the stitches to show so I ended up cutting small lengths and doing it a bit at a time. 

And I managed to finish it and quickly tried it on and then went OH NO! It was so so itchy! I thought at first it was just me so went and got my daughter to put it on so I could take pictures. She did not love it all.........Can you tell by that expression? Just hurry up mum! LOL 

On the upside. The colours are amazing! This whole project took only 2 1/2 balls of yarn to finish it. 

On the down side. At this stage, no-one wants to wear it. Its too itchy. I have to admit that I was rather excited that I still had 1 1/2 balls left and I could knit my nephew a little sweater too. I won't be doing that unless I can work out how to soften it first. (I have come across a few suggestions of using vinegar and or shampoo and conditioner. I think I might consult the experts first though as I have never tried either before on yarn). 

I found the pattern in Creative Knitting Magazine, Issue 9 Autumn/Winter 2009. It is called High Button Cardigan and I chose it as I thought it would give me a good look at the colours as I said. It was quick and easy to knit, and the pattern really easy to follow. I really have to laugh at the choice of name though. There are NO button holes in this pattern and although my instinct told me to put them in myself, I was a bit under the weather this week and ended up just following the pattern. Their idea of poking the buttons through the holes in the yarn is NOT going to work.  

I am yet undecided on whether to add press studs and use these mis-matched buttons or use some tiny buttons which may or may not fit through the tiny holes in my garter stitch. Or perhaps I could put some wooden toggles on instead. 

At this stage I am doing nothing until I see if it softens or not. I hope so as I still have another six balls to play with now don't I? 

And now for those of you who are thinking "thats not like her, following the pattern all the way" well I am not so sure that I did. I have a feeling that this cardigan is supposed to be sewn together inside out. I could not tell from the picture in the magazine as the colour was so dark but reading the pattern the right side is the side with all the garter stitches showing. I preferred it this way though, it looks much neater and I like the way the stitches stand out. 

Wish me luck my lovelies. Heres hoping I can soften this baby! I really do like the colours so much. 

Love and Light xoxoxoxox


  1. What a lovely jacket. The shape and the pattern are great, and I love the colours! Too bad the wool is itchy... I do hope you find a way to soften it. Fingers crossed :)

    Have a wonderful weekend, Karisma :)

    1. Thanks. Me too, the suppliers have assured me it will soften with washing. I hope so. Its raining here so won't wash for a couple of days. You have a wonderful weekend too lovely. hugs xox

  2. Oh geez! What an anticlimax. The colorway knits up so wonderfully too. I hope it softens up as you were told. Keep us posted.