Sunday, 24 March 2013

Restful Sunday....

Well one can only dream......I just sat down after vacuuming and cleaning up after Miss Sibel who decided of all times while her mama was away for the weekend to knock down a glass of water and smash it, spread her toys and goodness knows what else all over the house, and top it off with a pile of chuck up! Errrghhhh!!!! At this rate I am thinking I might start charging baby sitting fee's for this one. She is no easy baby. LOL

I am battling with a head cold this weekend so not a whole lot of crafting going on. The knitting bug is upon me but I am reluctant to pick up my knitting as I had a few set backs last week and would rather do it without the fuzzy head. I have however been crocheting some little goodies for a charity run I organised for the local hospital.

I am getting together on Tuesday with some friends for a crochet/knitting morning tea and have been looking for quick and easy projects for everyone to do so we can donate them to the hospital charity shop to sell.

I pulled out a few unfinished projects from my stash too and added them to the mix and also put out a call among some crochet friends and there are some lovely toys on the way in the post. The little hats are really quick to whip up, I have been making them in varying sizes.

Now I am off to drink my coffee and go out into the garden for a bit. Take care. Love and Light to all xoxox


  1. Oh boy the little miss wasn't happy that you were gone, yeah? Gale she didn't cut herself on the smashed glass.
    Sorry you've been struck with a head cold. Those are never fun. You suffer when you're stuffed up and whatnot and then it drags out more when you start draining. Hugs to you love.
    Your charity hats are wonderful! I find them striking and I bet they'll be snapped up quick once they're in the shop.

  2. I hope your feeling better :)
    Your kitten sounds like a party animal running amok while your away ;)
    Your hats are realy cute.

  3. Those quick and easy crochet projects are always fun to do. Your hats are adorable :)
    Hope you are feeling better. Enjoy your Sunday in the garden, Karisma :)