Friday, 22 March 2013

Trend Setters - Part Two

Hello my lovely friends, how are you today? The weekend is fast creeping up upon us and I have not had time for updating the blog. I have been rather busy whipping up little goodies for a good cause though. Will tell you more about that in my next post. For now I shall give you part two of our sneaky project. By now you should have something that looks a bit like this....

You can end off your work as we will be starting in a different spot now using the same colour. Using the back seam as the centre. You will need to count stitches to either side and place markers accordingly. 

If you are using the DK yarn in two strands you need to count 19 stitches each side. (38 stitches) 

If you are using the Chunky yarn, count only 18 stitches either side. (36 stitches)

With right side facing you. Join in your yarn and beginning with a chain 3, for your first stitch work in DC across to your other marker. If you don't have markers just remember to count your stitches. 

Turn and rpt this row 3 more times. You should have four rows. Do not end off. Now we are going to work an edging around the whole thing in HDC. So starting just where you left off Work 2HDC into the corner as you turn the work and then 1HDC all the way around to the other side where you work 3HDC in the other corner. (No need for corners around the face part, just keep working 1HDC in each stitch and it gives it a nice curve). When you get back to where you started. Work 1HDC into the corner st again and then slip stitch to the first st and end off. This gives the corner a nice neat edge. 

The bottom of your work should look like this.....

I would give you more today, however I have a little tidying to do......someone decided I needed a little help with this project ..... creative little bunny that she is.....

Of course if this had been a knitting project I may have panicked right about now.. but being crochet... I could not help but giggle and run for the camera.

Ahem... "What ARE you doing Chelsea?" 

"I Helping!"


" Yeah! I playing da your sticks! See. Hehe!"

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Love and Light to you xoxoxox

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  1. Oh yeah! You're doing like a mystery knit. Do you know my husband saw your helmet on Reddit? Reddit is like Pinterest for nerds.