Tuesday, 5 March 2013

On and Off again.......

My week between sick children and sick me has looked a lot like this........

A little magazine hopping and finding more to do patterns. Catching up on unfinished projects. Yes that is a bag under there awaiting a little embellishment before I reveal it in full.

And then I made a swatch....shock horror..... I had to as I really needed to check the hook size this time and yep it was worth it......

I believe its called the Chevron Cardigan, I will post more on this later...... outdated picture I am already onto the body part. Its very easy to hook and has become my handbag project for now.

And now for the on again off again part.  This little lovely has been "off" the needles several times with the help of Miss Sibel the kitten. I very nearly frogged it but decided to patiently sit and pick up and give it one more go. Glad I did as so far its coming along nicely as you can see by the picture at the top of the page. A simple lace pattern but very pleasing to the eye....

And then there is this........hmmmmm.....errrr....arghhhhh..... I think I will be ripping this one out unless I write my own pattern from here on....Its a drops pattern and while this part was easy...the rest of the pattern is ridiculous and I won't share it as maybe others would  not think so. Personally I found the method not only hard to follow (although with a bit of deciphering I could probably do it) but the whole putting the sleeve aside whilst it is still on a set of four needles was the limit. Who does that? Sounds like a lot of un necessary hard work. So yeah I think its back to the drawing board for this lovely yarn.......

That said, whinge over and despite the icky pattern. I am quite loving the loose knitted feel of these larger bamboo needles. (No they were not in the pattern LOL) Its something different you know? Hmmm maybe I will make something up.

I forgot to show you the little flower broach I made for Chelsea's dress... Here it is....

Now I must away and wake up my lazy student. The rest of the household are up and off and doing their thing while Mr lazy snores away.

Have a wonderful week all.

Love and Light xoxox


  1. You always have such beautiful and interesting projects on the go, I just don't know how you switch between them all!
    Amazing :-)

    1. Thank you. I think that is my biggest problem the switching about. I always want to start new projects before finishing others. In fact I just started another hat. LOL In my own defence I am trying to write up the pattern as people have asked for it and I forgot to write it down with the first one. So copying and writing at the same time. :-) I so want to start another knitting project right now too.

  2. Even tho you have sick babes, you are certainly getting progress done. That's what a warrior mum does!