Friday, 15 March 2013

Oh my, we have started a new trend...

He sat next to me on Wednesday while I was looking at a post on a friends fb page when he leaned over and said, you will have to make me that. I will need it by Friday thanks. 

 No pattern, no amount of searching could turn one up so I looked at it and made a start and this is what we came up with. 

Now of course his friends NEED one too. And he would like one in other colours. This colour was all I had that I deemed suitable. Hmmm I think I will need to go yarn shopping. We are thinking of tweaking it a bit as well and adding some plumes! Ancient Rome is our next trip into history. Can you tell? A nice red plume might work for that. Just for something different, you know? 

Have a wonderful weekend lovelies. 

Love and Light xoxox


  1. You know that you'll now have to share this pattern! If my boys see this, they will not leave me alone.
    Great idea.

  2. My boy just saw this and said: "Is that mine, mum..."

  3. What a great idea :) That crochet helmet/hat is so fun and unique!!

  4. That is really unusual, and typical how one person wants one and then more want the same...

    But that is really well done for not having a pattern!!

  5. I loved learning about Roman gods in high school and college. I smiled when I saw the first pic of this helmet. Awesome job darlin!