Monday, 25 March 2013

Trend Setters - Part 3

Today we will be making the mask part of our project. And it is far easier than it looks. Really it is. :-) You will need two colours for this part. Your main colour and one other. We will be starting at one end and working straight to the other end. No joining needed. 

We begin with a simple chain 7 using your main colour. (So either two strands of your DK choice or one of the chunky yarn).

Work 1TR into the 5th chain from the hook and 1TR into each of the next two chains. 

Now turn your work to the side (clockwise) and we work straight along last TR. Starting with a Ch3 which counts as your first DC. Work 4 more DC into the TR space. 

Turn, Ch1 and work 1sc into all five DC

This creates your foundation as well as your button hole. 

Now we change to colour two and once more ch3 (counts as first dc) and then dc into the same stitch. (Increase) Then work 1DC into next 3DC and 2DC into the last DC. Turn ch1, work SC in each DC across (you now have 7 DC). 

Note my colours are reversed here but this is just to give you an idea that you are doing it right. You might like to cut your yarn and weave it in after each round for a neater look. I however am too lazy for that and just wound mine up the side. ;-) I was under pressure I tell you to get it finished ASAP!!!! 

Switch back to your main colour and again ch3, work 1DC into same stitch, DC in next 5 Sc, 2DC in last sc. Turn, ch 1 and SC to end (9DC) 

You continue to increase in this manner to desired width. 

Depending on which yarn you are using and how big you want your project you are going to have to use you discretion as to how big you work your increases to and for how many rows. 

For example when I worked the DK yarn I increased to 17 stitches whereas the chunky yarn I only increased to 15 stitches.

When you reach your desired width you now work between 2-4 rows of the same width. eg. 15 stitches of DC and then 15 st of SC back for those rows. A good guide is to hold your work at the side of your mouth. The same st section should cover the whole mouth when finished. Of course it does not have to be exact. As you can see ours differs in size greatly despite the larger one using less stitches. We wanted a bigger mouth guard this time. 

Once our work covers the mouth we begin to decrease. Keeping our colour stripes correct. You simply start with a ch2, work the first half of your next DC and then pull the yarn through both stitches to decrease the 1st stitch. DC to last 2 stitch and DC2Tog. Turn ch1, SC to end. 

Rpt these two rows until your are once again left with 5DC finishing with your row of SC. Now your right side should be facing you. Chain 7

 Work 1TR into 5th Chain from hook

And 1TR into each of the next 2Ch. Join with a slip stitch to last stitch on other side of your 5sc. 

Now you work your edging all the way around. In the case of the chunky yarn. I used SC all around the edges to catch up that loose yarn and hide it. 

Alternatively, you can work SC around the button hole section and ch3, 1SC into the sides of each section. This gives a slightly different look and I used this method with the grey and yellow version at the yarn sat nicer that way. 

Now all you need to do is sew on your buttons and Ta-dah.....your mask is finished. One of the bonus's of making the button holes this way is that you can also use the spaces between the button hole and the end if you want to adjust the size. 

This one is in the button hole. Our button is a little small. 

And here he has moved it along to the last hole. 

And that is all I have for you today. Enjoy. I hope you can understand my waffling! :-)

Take care lovelies. Will try and post how to do the top part on Wednesday. Tomorrow is my crochet charity morning tea. 

Love and Light xoxoxox


  1. This is going to be my after-the-holiday-hooking! Have two types of grey Stylecraft waiting for the right pattern and two boys who wil be ecstatic.

  2. That is really cool, I think I like the colouring of this one compare to the first one :)

  3. These helmets are just hilarious, I have a Godson who might just love one of these...