Monday, 17 October 2011


The sound one makes when all is well again in the land of Eucalyptus dreams........

The multi-tasking mama...maths lesson going on in the background whilst knitting and reading blogs at the same time! hehe!

Progress is happening after our little mishap, I found that after a break and un-knitting just half a row, I was able to fix the dropped stitches using a crochet hook quite easily. Amazing what a difference it makes to have a calm and centered mind at the time. I am enjoying knitting this cardigan despite the little problem but am finding knitting on the round needles is a bit hard on my hands. I have not used round needles for years, I used to prefer them when I was younger but I am finding that the tension is a bit loose as I cannot grip them tightly enough.  My joints are rather stiff in my fingers these days. Think its about time my herby self put amends to that.

That said it is coming along nicely enough considering, so I am not overly concerned about the finished result just yet.  And this was casted on with the intent that there is no hurry to finish as it will be for next winter. I have several other things that will probably interupt the progress along the way as they will be needed sooner.  And now I must set it aside as we are off to swimming training soon and I have a hungry boy on my hands. 

Take care all, happy creating! 

Hugs and smoochies xoxoxo


  1. Let us know what your herby remedy is. The knitted piece is pretty. I love the color.

  2. I second Kashi - my own fingers are a bit stiff these days. Luckily, the kind of crocheting I do does not rely on a tight or even steady tension!

    Love the cardigan - so light and delicate- looking.

  3. Lookin' terrific so far! Glad you were able to fix that bit and now you have peace of mind :O).

  4. The cardigan is coming along beautifully, Karisma, and what a pretty soft colour :) Glad you were able to fix the dropped stitches!