Friday, 14 October 2011


To say "Woops...I did it again!" might be a bit of an understatement.......

Notes to self:

* DO NOT try to knit in the car while travelling at high speeds when the road is rather bumpy and your wool is rather slippery (just sayin')

* DO NOT leave your knitting sitting unattended on the lounge when Zak is around and might sit on it, or kick it or just knock it a bit AND you already know the wool is rather slippery.

* DO NOT try to fix it while you are feeling annoyed at him, or more so yourself for leaving it there! 

* It would also probably not be best to try to fix it without unknitting the over 1,000 stitches you know you are going to have to undo if it does not work after you have downed a couple of glasses of wine. 

* DO NOT try to do the unknitting in the car on the way home! What were you thinking woman???? 

You will be glad to know that after quite a few stitches slipping off after a considerable bump in the road and me finally letting out some expletive I would not normally utter. My man insisted I put that down RIGHT NOW and enjoy the scenery instead! For once I listened to him, well for a little while and then I pulled out my crochet hook and make a few granny squares instead! 

This one did not make the cut! I forgot to do the corner. A little distracted by Mr Policeman who pulled us over for going a little bit too fast whilst attempting to overtake a caravan! 

We have just arrived home from six days away in sunny Queensland where we were rather adventurous and spent all our days at theme parks riding scary rides. I was up with the sunrise each morning and managed to get my one a day square in and several rows of my knitting too before heading out for the adventures of the day! It was fun! Except for that last night when the mishap occurred. I am planning on trying to fix it again later today after I catch up with a bit of housework. Turns out my older teens did not keep up with it. What a surprise! They apparently thought we were coming home a day later! LOL  ;-)

Hugs and smoochies all! xoxoxoxo


  1. LOL! What an adventure! I'm usually the po-po watcher. I've warned my hubbie twice to slow down when I spotted highway patrol.
    I tried to bring out my Monkey sock to brunch and knit it before our food came. I ended up knitting the same round like twice past the third DPN and had to rip back a few times. Only simple projects on the go next time.

  2. I managed to fix it by only taking back half a row more and then picked it up with the crochet hook. Much easier when sitting still and with a calm mind! :-)