Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Wassup Wednesday!!!!

Hey! Did you miss me? Probably not as much as the folks that follow my  other blog which has been sorely neglected these days! Yikes I really am getting slack with this whole blogging shenanagins.....I totally missed my Tuesday Tally update yesterday. My bad! But in my own defense its been a busy busy week around here. I will say that I did not reach my 7 squares this week, more like 5. But I did weave in ALL the ends and am going to try to do it as I go from now on.

I did have my very first go at blocking....LOL...after not being able to buy a blocking board and getting impatient, I just went right ahead and took over the ironing board (which I rarely use anyway) and measured as I went. 

Then I tried to steam it....hmmmmm......lets just say it is still there having a lovely time while I periodically remember that I cannot find the water spray bottle (probably because I keep filling them up with herbal concoctions that I have a tendency to brew). 

So while I was waiting for that to happen, I realised I needed a hat to take to QLD, apparently I might get sunburned if I don't wear a hat??????? GEEZ..whats wrong with my headband and a pair of sunnies? Well, we shall see......I found a pattern on DROPS and was not fussed with it (no offense to anyone) I did use the same increase etc but made up my own pattern panel.  

Do you like it? 

I am not quite sure that I do, but my son and I had a great giggle when he took on the photography position. He took several shots of the back of my head and the top when I turned and posed and we both cracked up laughing......please excuse my messy does not like the brush much.....

I spent a little time trying out some small patterns from a new vintage book I scored at an op-shop (thrift store).........and of course drooled over several other projects I am just going to have to try......

I continued work on the neck warmer in the yummy scrummy wool which turns out it yucky yucky hoo.......not to my taste at all but I am sure someone will want it round here.......

And then I decided to cast on for my cardigan and came a thud an hour or so later when I realised I had casted on for the jumper, NOT the cardigan which was worked all in one admiring my lovely handiwork so far.......undone it all came and today I started again.......251 stitches all ready and on the go......after very careful checking, measuring AND counting stitches twice over.......

So you see, squares and general life activities aside, I still have been rather busy (and today I was so tempted to pull out one of my cross stitch projects BUT controlled myself as I know if I do, I will get too obsessed with it. I do that once or twice a year....a bad habit of mine).

Sorry to make this such a long post but my squares, my knitting and I are heading off on a road trip this weekend so we will probably miss next weeks Tuesday tally as well. We will try to remember to take photos! 

Have a wonderful week all. Hugs and smoochies xoxoxoxox


  1. Hi Karisma! You have done a lot last week, wow! Love the picture with you and your hat! Looks like you had a lot of fun!:)
    Have a wonderful week! Barbina

  2. Hi Karisma, those little squares are piling up and I love that cute hat. Have a good week.xxxx

  3. Wow you've done so much, weaving all those ends, don't they just take forever, looking good can't wait to see more of the cardigan beautiful colour

  4. You have been such a busy bunny, what a lot of eye candy there is in this post! Still loving the colours of your squares.
    You look fab in you hat.

  5. Sewing the ends in is such a boring part of crochet. Really love the colours you are using on your granny squares

  6. gorgeous hat and your squares coming along nicely.

  7. You have done a lot last week, Karisma :) Loved seeing all your projects! The granny squares are coming along nicely, and the hat is gorgeous!

    Have a great week :)

  8. You sure have been busy! Wowzers! I like your hat; it's so interesting w/the lace pattern.

  9. Nice hat, lovely squares, great idea for blocking! (I used the towel up to now)...but the best: your vintage flowers, esp the top one. Could you share that pattern?
    Sympathy with the knitting...yesterday I frogged 32 ROWS of Ripple...Thirty. Two.
    Enjoy your road trip!

  10. many lovely things. the hat is gorgeous
    i love the grannys.
    have a nice time

  11. You are making many different things, you have certainly been busy!
    I like the pattern you have used for the hat :) Hope it does protect you from sunburn too!

    I can't wait to see more granny squares!

  12. @Stel: Of course I will lovely! Will try and post it over the weekend some time. Got a little house work to catch up on first. :-)

    @Hazel: Would you believe it? The first day in QLD I lost my hat! We think it was at Sea World and we went back but no-one handed it in. So if anyone spots my hat out there we will know who was not honest enough to hand it in. Its an original!