Friday, 14 October 2011

Medallion Pattern

Shared from the Womans Day Complete Book of Handicrafts published in 1973 and scored for the grand old cost of $2 from an OpShop. (pattern shared by request of Stel, ENJOY!)

Please note: These patterns are using British terms for the stitches.


Work 6 ch. and join into ring with a sl st.

1st Round: 2ch., work 23 tr into ring. join with sl st. to 2 ch

2nd Round: 4ch, 1tr. into same st as sl st, 1 ch..*miss 2 sts, (1tr, 2ch, 1tr) into next st, 1 ch; rep from * 6 times, sl st to 2ch at beg of round

3rd Round: 2 ch, (1tr, 2ch, 2 tr) into 1ch sp,  *1dc into 1 ch sp, (2tr, 2ch, 2tr) into next 2ch sp; rep from * 6 times, 1 dc into last 1ch sp, sl st to 2nd ch of 1st 2ch st.

4th Round: * (3tr, 1 ch, 3tr) into 2ch sp, 1dc on dc of previous round; rep from * 7 times, sl st to join, fasten off.

Snowflake Star

Work 6 ch and join into a ring with sl st

1st Round: 7ch, (1dtr into ring, 3ch) 7 times, sl st into 4th of 7ch

2nd Round: 3ch, *miss 3ch, (1tr, 6ch, 1tr) into top of dtr; rep from * ending last rep. miss 3ch, 1tr into 1st dtr, 6ch, sl st into top of 3ch

3rd Round: * (3tr, 5 ch, 3tr) into next ch sp, 1sl st into 2nd tr; rep from * to end. Fasten off.

Happy Crocheting!


  1. Both the crocheted medallion and the snowflake are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the pattern :)

    And thanks for following my new blog, Karisma, so nice to see you there :)
    Hope you are having a happy weekend.

  2. Cute motif's. I really love old books and magazines for seeking out new motifs and patterns. Bargain find you got there :)


  3. Hilde: Of course I would follow you lovely! I would miss your lovely posts too much if not! :-)

    Becks: I am a bit of a bargain book finder. I have to admit I go in hunting more for herbals and come out with more and more vintage crochet or homemaking books! How could I possibly resist? haha