Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Off the block.....

Just a quick update as to what I have or have not been up to this week. Its been a bit quiet on the knitting and/or crochet front as we had a lot of visitors and family outhings on the agenda. 

Daisy Melon is now off the block, wetting it was what it ended up taking to get it to work. I however, am not 100% sure I like the whole blocking experience. I can see how it might be useful in lacework and it did flatten down the rolly edges but I don't really like the whole flat look it ended up giving AND I found in the back of my pattern book that the author of this pattern does not like to block at all either so I felt a little better about my messy, just do it, attitude. So it looks neater but extremely FLAT....

I had a go at making the flower, (not yet finished) with some left over cotton. Will see how it looks but might make it again in wool. The pink is a bit too thick.

Eucalyptus dreams is coming along nicely, I have not picked it up much this week. But as its at the plain knitting stage its quite easy to leave it for a bit. I did not take a picture today, will show it another day. 

One a Day is up to the joining stage and almost ready for the next section, the bottom which is different! Will show this tomorrow. ;-) 

And then there are these.............Ribbit.....Ribbit.....Ribbit.......

I really should finish this one and it could probably do with a block as its been rolled up in a bag for years. Yep, one of those never finished, lost interest projects that has been pulled out so many times its not funny! Seriously though, it just needs half the neck band knitted and sewn up. Lazy me! 

And maybe I should not mention these ones.......you can see how much attention they get........my bad......

the green and white one was frogged as the baby it was intended for did not see earth side. The other one was started when I had no other wool and is acrylic, I just did not enjoy the feel of it, so frogged it became! Maybe I will just undo them and make something else. Maybe! 

Hugs and smoochies all! Have a beautiful day! 


  1. Daisy Melon is really awesome, such a bold color and your knitting workwomanship is perfecto!
    I'm curious about Eucalyptus Dreams :O). Oh yes, you should finish that white one; you're so close! It'd be so sad to frog all of that.
    :O( Sad how the baby intended for the green project is not with us. How awful to experience. I hope the couple is okay and perhaps was blessed with another baby?

  2. Yes they were! 2 in fact, although it was a long road till the first one came. He is 5 now so thats how long its been sitting there. I just did not have the heart to finish it. I think I will put it apart.

  3. I enjoy how you show us your ongoing projects :)
    Daisy Melon looks very nice, the knitting is just beautiful.
    I have to say I have never blocked any knitted piece before. I was determined to block my newly knitted shawl, but I could not find a place large enough to lat it out flat, and which was also away from my dog... so my shawl did not get blocked.

    So sad about the baby, but good to hear the couple were blessed with two children later.

    The white jacket is so sweet, Karisma! You should finish it!
    Hugs :)