Tuesday, 13 December 2011

And the countdown begins.......

Each year as the inevitable dawning of that ONE day where everyone seems to feel obliged to give gifts a plenty and pretty much go silly over. I find myself feeling less and less enthusiastic over the whole idea in the first place.

I try to love it, I really do. But when I find myself stressing over what to get for who and whether or not they are going to like it, and meanwhile I see seemingly "intelligent" women consulting long lists of what their little darlings MUST have and panicking when one thing was not available.  Making phone calls mid shop to decide what to do and even "googling" for a better price while being shoved out of the way by some other frantic mother who clearly NEEDS that toy more than she does. I find myself NOT liking it much at all.

The other day I was even asked advice by a granny who had a printed email with pictures of the EXACT toy to get for dear little "precious' if I thought it was suitable for the kid. Seriously? The kid should be grateful that granny was getting him a gift at all. The mother should be ashamed of herself for asking for such an expensive gift for him! And not one thing, but three very expensive items went into that trolley for the one child. I hope poor granny was not trying to exist on the old age pension!

And then, there was the tongue biting moment when a woman behind me, dragging small kids in tow, offered to rip her childs arm off if he did not walk a bit faster and stop whinging for "f's" sake. Oh my! My passive gentle self was a bit ready to RIP her arm off among other things I tell you. Its called a baby sitter lady!

I am awaiting some eyes! 

Now I am not entirely Bah Hum Bug about the whole thing, I quite like the whole family togetherness part and the food of course! I think it is more my aversion to shopping that is the problem and sharing personal space with such individuals as those mentioned above,  I guess.

So in my usual fashion. I found myself running home and panicking, yes panicking over how quickly I might "make" some last minute gifts. Because clearly this shopping centre business is really NOT for me!

Yikes! Not sure if there is enough yarn to complete this one! Might have to compromise! 

And my usual habit of gift giving when ever I feel like it as opposed to waiting for a "special" day has my craft cupboard looking a little bare other than "baby" things.  I thought if I could make "one a day" I might just have it covered. Lets just say that has not panned out. My projects were taking more like three days each. But I did manage to do a little and come up with some ideas for other gifts.

And my wanting to curl up in my own cocoon of things I love like, yarn, books and herbs found me remember things like this....

Pressed Tansy Leaves

that I had previously pressed ready for a little gift idea I had quite forgotten about!  And for things such as these.......

Elder flowers!


...which will be added to jars, hopefully labelled with a little artistic flair as a gift for someone who keeps asking me for dried herbs from my garden. I thought I might also pot some herbs but see how I go for time.

Its going to be a very busy and full week, thats for sure. Today I have an English/History class to teach the boys have a metal work lesson to attend on Thursday which is a bit far away so takes a chunk out of our day.  I think we will make that our last day of "school" for the year or I doubt I will get much done at all.

Hope your holiday plans are going smoothly! Much love, hugs and smoochies xoxoxox


  1. Wow sounding busy there. Hope your celebrations go well :) and good luck finishing the rest of the presents :)

  2. Thank you lovely! I did manage to finish another one today, even with a house full of children learning, baking and playing. A good day I think! ;-)

  3. Oh my goodness this rings true Karisma... I used to be one of those people who ran around and tried to get everything 'perfect' until I realised that the tree can be small and imperfect and still be beautiful, and that presents do not have to be expensive to be appreciated.. I am far more relaxed about it all than I used to be though. I hope your preparations are fun, and that you get time to make Christmas lovely for yourself too :)x

  4. That's some Christmas craziness alright! Weird what it does to some people.

    Well, good luck with all your gifts. The owly hat looks super cute! Someone is very lucky to get that.

  5. I'm a chicken w/her head cut off running around for gifts but I'm getting in some much needed heart exercise at the same time. Last year I was all organized. This year I'm rushing to get shopping done w/so my girls and I have time to relax and have fun when they start Winter Break next week.
    There are tons of projects I'd like to knit for ppl but that would take up the whole year! I am only knitting two beanies and have to redo that dang scarf which will be tardy. The beanies will be on time as they're quicker to whip up.
    Good luck and remember to breathe. Helps to have a margarita or two by your side.

  6. Hello Karisma! Please visit my blog, I have something for you! Have a wonderful weekend! Barbina