Friday, 23 December 2011

Two sleeps to go! Two sleeps to go!

And the tree is as dressed as it will be this year. And presents are growing daily underneath too. Its been a busy couple of days. Fingers crossed I managed to stamp out the sick vibes in the house. No more victims have been claimed so far and we managed to spend a couple of days with our oldest daughter and her puppy visiting and picked up our second oldest daughter from the airport.

Its been all about family visits this week as my sister and her family are also staying at my mums. Yesterday we had fun playing charades and just hanging out indoors as the weather has not been kind to us at all. Still raining and more like winter than summer around here.

After my girls departed, yes the oldest stole the other one and they headed down to Sydney, to stay at her house for a couple of days as they "need" to go to the Harry Potter Exhibition you know before it ends. My poor faerie girl has to work today though so she misses out. :-( Originally the plan was all three girls would go together. But as free tickets were organised, it had to be today.

Left all alone, after such a hectic busy week, I consoled myself by whipping up a little cupcake....a yarn one of course! (please excuse crappy picture, I uploaded it to facebook via my phone then copied it...I know...very tacky indeed.. but it is rather early in the morning and clearly I am not in the mood for a photo shoot right now).

I also managed to do a few rows on my Eucalyptus Cardi and the scarf I told you I was working on. Projects on the Go! (Gotta love em) And yes it really is a day for tacky pictures isn't it? hehe! I am sure you will forgive me and even the tacky handle on my much loved bag there, must replace it, but never seem to get around to it. Its just one of those bags one cannot throw away you know? The fabric is too darned loverly!

I did take a picture of my very first attempt at felting, the heartfelt ring by Tiny Owl Knits....later on I did felt it a bit more and while the ring itself looked better and more like felt, the heart took a slight beating. It kind of looks more like a little bear head now (bahahaha) and I could not find my little snip snip scissors. I think I am WAY overdue for some cross stitch time. I am sure to find at least six pairs amongst my cottons and aida. Hmmmmm That said, I probably won't make a habit of felting, especially if it requires using my hands to roll with. Soap and my hands do not mix, I have terrible dermatitis and this little baby made it flair and hurt. It was fun to try something different though. 

The house is so quiet that I could sit here and chat for hours, but I have a little laundry to take care of and then my sister in law is coming to collect me and take me off to an aged care home where we are going to make like Santa and give out some gifts. I am very much looking forward to this part of Xmas. 

Have a beautiful SUMMER's day (or Winter as the case may be)  my lovelies! (Ahem can someone please turn on the SUN?) Happy Yule to those who celebrate and Happy Xmas Eve Eve to the rest of you! May LOVE and LIGHT surround you on this blessed day! 

Hugs and smoochies xoxoxo


  1. Karisma, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and I am so glad your children are all there to be with you. Looking forward to your next post as always.

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Have a wonderful time together! Many hugs! Barbina

  3. You got some good progress going on!
    Lucky how your girls get to see that HP exhibit!
    Have fun playing Santa.
    Mele Kalikimaka and Hau 'oli Makahiki hou to you and the ohana.

  4. Have a nice holiday with your family, Karisma :) Merry Christmas to you all!!
    Many hugs, Hilde.