Thursday, 29 December 2011

A Gift for Mama......

A Christmas Ta-dah from Ashlee.........

Its so funny, whenever Ashlee and I make gifts for each other, it often comes with the comment...I so wanted to keep this one for myself.

Well, lucky for me, in this case......I had not yet given her the other gift I had for her which was a little wooden box decorated all sewing room like and filled with a set of crochet hooks because on her previous visit she was trying to take one of my hooks home with her. She might have just kept it after all. LOL I think she will be making another one for sure now though. 

It is so beautifully quilted, and the inside has so many hook holes that there is plenty of room for MORE.....YAY....

Last year she gave me several little purses that I keep my hooks and other little bits and pieces in but this one is just beautiful. I love that I can now lay it out and immediately see all the hooks instead of rummaging through the small purses. Although I do love my purses too because they are very easy to pop in my bag. And I still have more hooks floating around with projects on the go, that is why the smaller hooks are sharing space. 

I do so LOVE this gift! How lucky am I? To have such creative children is truly a blessing!

Today we are taking our other daughter Meagan to the airport as she is flying home. (insert sad face). Its been so lovely having her home this week. Sadly, she has to go back as she has work. So she cannot stay to see in the new year. We are all going to miss her BIG time. Its always harder the first few weeks after a visit. I wish she did not live quite so far away. Although Ashlee lives out of home she visits every other week so at least we squeeze in some regular hugs. Sigh. .... 

Until next time, my lovelies......take care..

Hugs and smoochies xoxoxoxo


  1. That is a smashing gift. I am looking forward to see whether my kids are creative when they grow up - I do hope so.

    Thanks for your comment on my English/Continental knitting post. Sorry to have caused confusion. The terms refer to the way the needles and yarn are held rather than the stitches formed. It's still knit & purl but with English the yarn is held in the right hand and "thrown" over the needle to create the new stitch and in Continental the yarn is held in the left hand and the right needle is used to pick the new stitch up. There are some video links in the text of my post which explain it better.

  2. What a gorgeous gift! You have such talented daughters!:-)

  3. A lovely and thoughtful gift. Lucky you! Am glad you had a nice Christmas time with your daughters. Cheers.