Saturday, 31 December 2011

Harmony Cowl - Ta Dah

This is my second daughter Meagan, showing off her Xmas present from mama.

Made from Moda Vera Harmony, doubled up to make it chunky. Crocheted using a 5mm hook. This cowl is supposed to be long enough to wear over your head as well. Unfortunately, I ran out of wool. I had five balls and used about 4 and a half. And while it fits over my head, it kind of looks like a hijab instead of a cowl. LOL. Meagan is taller than me and also did not want to squash her bow so please excuse my goofy head.......

It definitely could use another section if worn in this manner so that it bunches more at the bottom.
Meagan lives down in Melbourne, where it is much colder than here so she will use it as a neck cowl and maybe pull it up if freezing. Unlike her little sister who poses readily for the camera, this one pulled  faces and sighed a lot. haha! Just love this, get on with it mum already! Enough!

Sometimes mothers are annoying, hey? 

Do you like her bow? Her big sister, Ashlee made it. She sells them on Etsy along with loads of other creations. They are quite popular along with the little bow rings she also makes.  Here is a link to her store, if you would like to check it out.    Whispy Love  

Oh and here is my little faerie, Gemma, wearing her xmas hat. 

I decided not to sew eyes on after all as I thought it looked a bit too cutesy like that for an adult. She loved it! And unlike her father who insisted he could not see any owls on this hat, she saw them straight away and was very happy! 

Once again, Happy New Year! And for those who are wary of 2012, don't be, its not the end, its merely the beginning again! 

Hugs and Smoochies all xoxoxoxox

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  1. I like your cowl. My dd is an eye-roller, too. :)