Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas Cheer is finally here.....

Well, its about time hey? We have had a bit of a hectic week with sick children at our house. There is a virus going around amongst friends and it seems to wait about 3 days between victims so is dragged out a bit. Upset tummies, and late night/early morning vomiting has been the go, followed by chest and/or stomach pain for the full next day. And of course fevers that don't want to break. Not a lot of sleep between us all either. 

Lets say it has been a messy, tiring experience all around. And for children, not a fun way to start the pre-Christmas week. So far, there has been NO Christmas baking around here. We are hoping that the rest of us do not get it as well. In between bouts we have made a few frantic trips to the shops to try and buy presents and any time not spent cleaning has seen this mama busy creating gifts as best she can. 

So lets get with some cheer shall we? 

Angel's are hanging with bells and hearts......


Little stockings are awaiting candy fillings, so many of them too.......

Even the Golden Snitch is hanging around.........

I would show you the whole tree...but...well....its not done yet!!!! LOL Seriously I hung just a few decorations last night in between stroking a sick child and trying to get fluids into him. The tree will get done before Christmas, I promise! 

Today was spent getting our second oldest daughters room cleared and ready for her arrival on Wednesday night (she lives in Melbourne so needs to fly interstate to get here) and the afternoon was spent madly crocheting away between all the other stuff which we are trying to pretend is not happening. 
Positive thinking I say! Speed crochet for a little secret project.........

Interesting hey? I ended up making three and they turned into these......

I can't show you what I did with them just yet as it will spoil the surprise. But I promise to show you after the big day! Its a gift and I don't want any sneaky peaking from my girls! I am also working on a scarf this week as its something I can keep in my bag when I am out and about. 

Hope everything is going smoothly in your neck of the woods! Take care my lovelies. Keep well and happy! 

Hugs and smoochies xoxoxox


  1. I just love you. Even in utter chaos you are still cheerful and upbeat. I hope your family feels better today
    1 I want you to have a wonderful Christmas and thanks for all the positive and cheerful posts.

  2. Oh I hope you are all well soon and you get to go yarn shopping soon - those heartfelt rings are a perfect pick-me-up and great to make together! :)

    Your decorations are adorable and I am intrigued to see what becomes of the lovely crochet.

    Have a wonderful Christmas

  3. Back at you Kashi! Thank you! I am about to head off to bed and hopefully get some sleep. Its pelting down with rain outdoors and sounds lovely and relaxing. And its almost 11pm, woops I was supposed to try and get to bed early.

    Sarah I tried to make one tonight and used 8ply, which was lucky as it seems I knit a bit too tight. 4ply would have been too small. My first attempt is a little wonky. LOL I have never tried felting before. First I think I did not rub it enough then when I tried to fix it the heart went a bit wobbly. Will have to try again! Thanks xoxox

  4. I love the little stocking! Looks like something I could manage. As always, so impressed with your creativity, Karisma!

  5. I hope you all get well soon! Love your Christmas decorations, especially the little angels! They have such a cute smile on their faces!
    Many hugs to you too! Barbina

  6. I hope your children are feeling better!!
    Love the christmas decorations, they are so sweet and cheerful.
    And the chrocket project looks very pretty. What are you making? :-)

    Wishing a merry Yule and a happy Christmas to you and your family!
    Hugs :)

  7. Thanks all, I can't tell you what they are yet Hilde, its part of a present for xmas. :-)

  8. Love the Christmas craftiness -especially the crochet! :-)