Saturday, 31 December 2011

Berry Cute Hat

I whipped this little hat up the other day as a nice little change from knitting furiously away at my Eucalyptus Cardigan. That, by the way,  is coming along nicely after several run ins with boys who don't know how to sit on a lounge that has knitting on it. Lets just say, many argghhhs later, I am remembering to put it up high before leaving it now. 

This little cutie was discovered on ravelry, and here is the link to the pattern over at Pea Soup. This little hat was delightful and easy to make. The instructions are easy to follow so great for beginners as well.

I used some of the left over wool from my Lotus Cardi. (Bendigo Woollen Mills - Luxury- Lotus) and a little bit of green (Bendigo Woollen Mills - Rustic - Elm). I knitted it in the round on as set of four  4mm needles. 

After posting it on facebook last night, I was asked to make one in gum nut colours. Funny as I had thought of making gum nut hats before but never got around to it. Here is some incentive I guess. Lucky for me, the colours of the bush are among my favourites hey? 

Wishing you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! Keep safe and happy! 

Love and Light, 

Hugs and Smoochies xoxoxox


  1. That hat is so cute! I want one :-) ha ha I have a crochet version in my queue on ravelry I may give it a go soon x
    Happy new year

  2. Hi Karisma.. what a sweet little hat! I want to see a photo with a baby wearing it... I'm not sure what gum nut colours are so you may have to show us the next one too ... Happy New Year to you and yours! :)x

  3. Haha! I don't have a baby that small at the moment lovely! I did think of putting it on a doll but was too lazy to go upstairs and dig one out of the archives. I really should get the baby born doll and keep her in my craft room for such purposes. Gum Nuts are the seeds on gum trees. They are green to start with but then turn all shades of brown as they dry. I will post pictures for sure when I make them. Hugs xox

  4. It's so super sweet! Love love it.