Thursday, 8 November 2012

Aphrodite Shawl

My youngest son has been doing a bit of photography for his artwork in the past week so I asked him to help me out with some pictures for my Aphrodite Shawl. Had to giggle when we were done as I think he was busy taking shots of mum instead of the shawl. 

There were quite a few on just my shoulder and when I pointed out that we wanted the shawl in the pictures he managed to chop of half my head in most pictures. Gotta love it! 

I was going to have my daughter re-do it but then I thought, oh, it doesn't matter and it would have meant waiting ages before showing you. So here we go. 

The Aphrodite Shawl.........(free pattern here)............

I used Patons Classic Totem in 8 ply, Colour 4320 (Dark Purple) and a 6mm hook.

I decided not to block the shawl after several people commented that it looked nice the way it was. (Blocking would change the bottom a bit). I plan to make a small tie at the front with some crystal beads as this is a present for someone and I wanted to add a personal touch.  (Will update with a picture of that if I get the chance later). 

Overall, this was a fun and easy project and I think I would like to make it again. 

I tried to do some sewing yesterday but a certain young lady kept trying to help. Needless to say I think a lot of my crafting is going to be a bit slow in the next month or so. Here she is taking a rest on the cushion my daughter made me for my birthday. Hmmmm. 

Hugs and smoochies all, hope you week is going well. 



  1. Oh bless him for trying hard though, the shawl does look beautiful

    She is beautiful, I am glad my Jess has calmed down in trying to help me with things :)

  2. The photos are very nice, Karisma, your son did a great job photographing!
    It's a beautiful shawl. Lovely colour and pattern.
    (I have saved the pattern, don't know if I can manage to crochet it, but I would like to try).

    Love the photo of your kitty, she is absolutely adorable :)

  3. Oh boy that lil' kitten is too cu-ute!
    I love that second shot of you in the shawl. It is beautiful and you are absolutely lovely!

  4. gorgeous shawl, stunning colour. wonderful pics.