Monday, 12 November 2012


I have decided to challenge myself to finish at least one stripe a day of my daughters crocheted coat in the hopes of getting it done in the next few weeks. While I did start off with a pattern I soon found out that it was not working with the yarn I used. So I am doing what is becoming just a little bit cliche for me.....changing the pattern...wish me luck.....

So far I have half of the coat length and one sleeve. 

Now if only my new little helper would learn what NOT TO TOUCH, I would be most grateful. 

We have had words about this. We have. And despite the fact that everything was nicely packed away in this bag and up on the couch. She knocked it down and helped herself......

"Sibel get out of there young lady!"  "SIBEL!!!!"

"I is helping!"

Yes my friends, she is very helpful indeed! Lucky she is so damned cute hey? 

Have a beautiful day! 

Hugs xoxox


  1. Oooh, this looks gorgeous and soft, love the colours. Deb x

  2. I want that kitty....:))
    Yes again and again...:))

  3. Such good help you got there, Karisma :) Love the photos!!

    Your crochet seems to come along beautifully. The colours are amazing.

  4. beautiful yarn and wonderful colours. You just gotta love that cute lil helpful kitten :)

  5. What a resourceful kitten! I love the colors for your daughter's striped coat.