Saturday, 17 November 2012

Catch UP

The last few days I have been "catching up" with quite a few things. Learning to fit my own creative urges around those of my youngest sons learning has had me feeling just a little bit frazzled at times. (I had gotten quite used to those six hours a day to myself). While we are getting back into the homeschooling swing of things I am finding the lack of personal time a little bit challenging. 

However, I know this is the right choice for him and I want to support that choice so I am once again learning to fit things in where ever I can.  So after a rather slow going morning of him getting a bit frustrated over his math work and me tapping my foot and watching the clock lest he NEVER finish. 

We pulled out the artwork, (he is working an Ecology  photography piece right now), and his big sister had him running around the house trying to find some different surface textures to add to his background......

giving me some precious moments to sew some motives onto fabric (those on the Everything Zen group may recognise these, which were supposed to be for my Japanese flower scarf that I never ended up finishing).  And sew it up into this....

A holder for all those plastic bags that we are not supposed to have in the house because we use canvas shopping bags. Ahem. I will teach them one day, I will! For now we will recycle those we have. I still need to make a handle but at least its a start. 

In between all this I also managed to start another small crochet project for xmas and I re-discovered my Eucalyptus Dreams Cardigan which had become buried in the depths of the craft room and started knitting away again. I will share pics of that later. 

What exactly is that? 

Amongst all this fun, Miss Sibel was enjoying meeting Charlotte. And after Charlotte harassing her to play constantly for the first day, she decided who was boss in a rather forceful manner. 

Ummm, Sibel, thats my foot! Sibel!!!!


Learning to share was another cause for concern......

Don't touch my toys....

Get off my cushion....

But I thought this was my cushion? 

Poor Charlotte was scratched and bitten into place, making room for her majesty to snuggle down in HER cushion.....

And eventually we came to a compromise and shared for an afternoon nap......Nawwww, how sweet.....

Charlotte however, is not so sure about this new addition to the family now..... and later she manages to secure the cushion once more, all to herself. 

"Oh Nana! I'm not sure about this, I'm not sure at all!"

Poor Charlotte. 

Have a wonderful weekend all.

Hugs xoxox


  1. Losing that personal time does sound very challenging, but as you said it will be worth it!

    I love the photo story you have with Sibel and Charlotte, poor little Charlotte. Looks like Sibel is the boss!

  2. The bag holder is really nice and practical, and what a great idea to sew on the crochet patches as decorations.

    Love the photo series of Sibel and Charlotte :)

  3. I love the bag holder. Your Japanese Flowers are nice too. Talk to you soon. XOXO

  4. Wow your so goodhomeschooling, I'm not sure i would be able todo that myself.
    Loving the kitty and dog pics!

  5. You have the patience of a saint to homeschool your son. Maybe w/each discipline art can be incorporated. As a former teacher, I know kids learn in different ways; there are I believe 7 ways a child can learn. Perhaps that will perk him up more in the time dept?
    Great way to recycle and be organized at the same time!

  6. LOL Homeschooling is not so bad ladies. I homeschooled both boys right through primary school and had no worries. It was just when they got to highschool age and developed attitudes that it got harder. Hence the sending them off to school this year. My older boy is staying in school. Z learns well with lots of hands on projects and researching his own interests. However when it comes to too much written work he starts to tune out. He is also very easily distracted so it makes for a lot of patience when trying to get him to finish his work. I will feel much better next year when I will be more prepared with what we are doing. :-)