Sunday, 11 November 2012

Honeycomb Wrist Warmers

I finally had a chance to do a bit of blog hopping the other day and was having a lovely time reading all your delectable posts when I stopped by the lovely Kepanie's place and was enticed to join in on this knit along. I was in fact so enticed that I queued 3 of the projects on the list of choices and after just knitting one of them I am already planning a pattern of my own. Just for something different you know? 

As we all know I really should be finishing ALL the UFO's on the go but they are all BIG projects after all. And amidst all the crocheting I was doing that day, the temptation of knitting a little project was too much for me. It had clearly been a WHOLE day since I finished knitting the socks. Hehe, any excuse will do now won't it? 

I chose the Honeycomb Wrist Warmers to begin with. 

I used a set of 4mm DPN's. And Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury Yarn in 10ply. Autumn Glow. 

I found myself lacking in stitch markers so I had to quickly make some. Would have been nice if my beading tools were to be found (ahem daughters, which one of you has made of with them huh?) for now they are in a semi unfinished state, but meh, they did the job nicely.....

The pattern was easy to read and follow. I tried to stick to it. I really did. However, and here it comes... my habit of making holes when ever I use the m1 (make one) method.... had me going......eeeeeeeek.... I am not sure why this happens but I don't love it... I really don't. 

Yep, you can see it right? I had to fix this. So, I changed it just a little (for the sake of my nerves you know?)....

So where the pattern says on row 40: K4, slm, m1, k2, kfb, slm, knit to end.

I changed it to:  Place the marker after 3 stitches instead of 4.  K3, kfb, k1, kfb, knit to end. Continuing the increase in this manner to the end. It worked out much neater for me. 

My fussy soul was appeased for the moment and the project continued with ease and it should........

And since I finished so quickly despite my woes, I rewarded myself with a huge slice of this.....

Twas rather nice! ;-)

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend all. I am off to play in my garden and then start another pair of gloves. 

Bright blessings to you all. 

Hugs and smoochies xoxoxox


  1. Oh, that cake looks yummy, I would have loved to have a taste :)

    The wrist warmers are very pretty, and they look really soft and cozy. Love the colour too.

    1. Thanks Hilde. I would have loved to give you some too. This is what we call a Pavlova down under, it is basically a giant meringue which you then slather in whipped cream and pile on what ever fruit you like then drizzle with passionfruit. Yum. Its become very popular at our house since my hubby and I went wheat free. While the kids were devouring ice cream cake we had some of this one. :-)

  2. Oh boy, awesome handwarmers AND cake? Girlfriend, you know to pass the day! I love that warm orange. Mahalo for joining in and for coming up w/another way to do that thumb gusset. I still haven't heard from the designer. Thank goodness for you and Shoelaceswitcher.

    1. You are most welcome. And I am happy to be joining in. I have even gone off and started creating my own gloves. One design down, one to go. :-)

  3. hi karisma
    the wrist warmers are very wonderful. love the colors. mmmh and your cake looks so good and makes me very hungry.
    nice blog!
    wish you a nice week,
    greetings from germany regina

    1. HI Regina, Welcome and thank you for your lovely comments. xox