Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Eucalyptus Dreams - Take 2

Does anybody remember this one? It's looking a bit worse for wear there isn't it? And please excuse the  icky mark on the sleeve (no idea what that is as its been packed but hoping it comes off when washed)  and the pile of junk on the floor waiting to be ejected out the front door. ;-) 

Re-discovered while sorting out my many unfinished projects the other day. This is the cardigan I took on holidays last year. It saw a bit of flying off the needles in the car, a bit of getting caught on things as it was moved from pillar to post. And big boys sitting on it on occasion. And then the poor thing was all forgotten and lay forlorn in its bag for a long long time. Of course Sibel has also now tried to help and given it a couple of pulls...arghhhh.....

I figured I should do something about getting it finished and it now only has the buttonhole side edging, the sewing and the neck to be finished. Not sure how one would block this as it is knitted together but the yarn does say it can be ironed so I might try that after its washed.  Hoping to get some time for this in the next few days. 

Wish me luck lovelies. 

Hugs xoxoxox


  1. Good luck Hun, I'm sure you will get it done & when it's pressed will look brilliant, I always love the things you make.

  2. Good luck! I'm sure after a little soak and blocking it'll be lovely again.