Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Week One

Deb posted a link to this CAL, In a Spin Sampler Throw (Ravelry Group)  over at ........... Spinatomy  (blog) and I could not help but sign up. 

There will be a different pattern posted each week for a granny square.  Which will eventually be made into a blanket. 

I have been planning to make a blanket out of my odd balls and left over yarn bits for ages so it did not take much encouragement for me to join in.  And now in my usual fashion I find myself wanting to order more yarn. Why? 

Well I am just loving these colours (this is mostly just one variegated ball with the Autumn glow in the bigger square) and as I have similar yarns in pastel blues and pastel green blends,  I thought I might buy some solid greens, some more Autumn Glow, some Mink, Some Yellow,  and some Denim blue as my borders. 

I know, its kind of cheating on the random yarn thing but after all, it will still have all the random yarn, just a few colours to bring it all together. ;-) These squares are waiting for one more row of SC, to finish them off. I wanted to do that in the Denim, but am having trouble getting my order through with Bendigo Woollen Mills. Seems to be a problem with their server. 

The one more row will bring my squares up to their right measurements. One at 30cm square...

And the other at 15cm square.....

I am planning on using mainly 8 ply yarn, however, this yarn is more like a 10ply, thick and squiggly. Not quite sure what it was but feels a lot like Alpaca. The Autumn glow is left over from my shawl and is 10ply. I will re-order in 8 ply. 

For now, its all tucked into its basket while we wait for next weeks instructions. I must find the lid as it turns out we have a thief in the  house. Ahem.........Sibel!!!!!

Nothing is safe around here anymore my friends, nothing! In fact my little square up there went missing this morning. Despite the fact that it was put away in a bag last night. I found it after much searching attached to my sons bodyboard stuck in the velcro leg rope. Nicely tucked away where it could not be seen.   Hmmmmm. 

Click on either of the links up the top if you would like to join in too. 

Hugs, Have a wonderful week. 



  1. I do love the colours. They are lovely.
    Little kittens are so cute and so naughty.

    1. Me too. I am a little worried however at the changing to 8 ply, hope it all goes together.

  2. I love how you just go w/the flow and CO what suits your mood. Your squares so far are wonderful. Can Siebel come and visit?

  3. Trying to resist the urge not to join in because I don't have the time :O Your squares are looking good, even if Sibel is running away with your wool